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Video: up close with Enve's new gravel-specific G Series wheelset

Enve recently launched their first gravel-specific wheelset, and we got to ogle them up close when Jamie Wilkins from Enve paid us a visit...

Last week Enve launched their first gravel-specific wheels, the G Series, which includes the G23 700C and G27 650b options... and this week we got to see the G23's up close when Jamie Wilkins from Enve paid us a visit. 

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The wheels we saw in the video are the G23 700c versions, and the weight is a featherlight 1,342g for the set which is actually lighter than most road wheels built for climbing. Enve are recommending low tyre pressures of between 25 and 35psi for the 650b versions, with the unique bell shape of the rim protecting against pinch flats or your tyres bottoming out over rough terrain. The G23 and G27 will be available to buy in the UK from next month, and we'll be hoping to get a set in for review soon...

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rjfrussell | 6 years ago
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I have two wheelsets with CK hubs, which seem to be fine and dandy, so long as regularly serviced, which a local wheelbuilder does for me, with no apparent problem.  They are spendy certainly, and that carries over into eg cost of adapting them from qr to thru axle, but, if you are going to say they are "rubbish" it would certainly be interesting to hear the reasoning, rather than just saying, "ask t'internet".  Which, so far as I can see, does not say they are rubbish.  QUite the reverse.

fukawitribe | 6 years ago


So... you bitch about a wheelset and to you offer a comparison to back that up, I say they're designed for different types of riding and said that comparing similar products would be useful - you say i'm fixating on them. 


You use the fact that the more expensive ENVEs have Chris King hubs as a reason why people wouldn't buy them, but didn't mention that they were available with far cheaper DT Swiss hubs until pointed out to you.


I ask you what the problem is with Chris King and you can't be bothered explaining anything, go search for something or get some and take them apart.


I said that the wheelset were suited to their own niches, you give me something about riding narrower tubulars on gravel, indeed being superior ('not even close') to the tyres the ENVEs were designed to be used with.


I say that the Boras are a good wheelset, and you say you guess I hate them.


You drop some comment about warranty, I gave you the warranty details - which seem to be the opposite of what you hinted at - and you say nothing. Ditto rim prices.


Interesting - you throw a lot of opinions around, and yet don't back them up, not a single one. When someone points out some facts that might be relevent, you ignore them. When someone asks for information about something you said, you tell them to go fish... but apparently I have a fixed mindset so that's probably it. Hilarious. Right, i'm off to enjoy the day - I get now why some say it's not worth trying to engage you. Ride on.



davel | 6 years ago


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