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Pirelli launch online shop for their new tyres and announce Castelli kit collaboration

Pirelli are now selling the P Zero Velo tyre range on their own web shop, and have also announced that new kit in partnership with Castelli and MTB tyres are imminent

Pirelli have now launched their own online web shop,, specifically for the cycling arm of their business. They have also announced a collaboration with Castelli for some new race kit, and new off-road tyres are coming soon.  

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​You can already buy Pirelli's road tyres through various bike shops and online retailers, and they're now also selling direct in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Belelux. Currently available are the P Zero Velo TT, P Zero Velo and P Zero Velo 4S, of which the silver-label Velo received highly positive feedback when reviewed on All the tyres are clincher only.  

pirelli webshop tyres.png

Already able to preview on the Pirelli web shop are the urban and mtb ranges, however these are still yet to hit the market. The Capsule collection apparel range is a collaboration with Castelli, that Pirelli say is high-tech gear adapted to their "unique identity".  The Climber's 2.0 jersey aims to offer maximum breathability to help with tough mountain climbs and keep you cool on summer rides. The top-of-the-range  Aero Race 5.1 jersey is fully aero-focussed, with Pirelli claiming the fabrics save up to 22 watts at 40km/h in the wind tunnel compared to a normal bike jersey: big claims. We don't have prices yet, but we're hedging our bets that the gear won't come particularly cheap. 

You can take a look at Pirelli's online shop here. 

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