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Rapha release new Arenberg glasses

The latest shades from Rapha are a full-framed version of the Flyweight glasses with a snaplock hinge for easy storage

Just in time for winter, upscale clothing brand Rapha has announced a new line of cycling eyewear, the Pro Team Arenberg glasses. Rapha says these are more robust than the Flyweight versions, retaining the same shape but offering a very secure fit and a full frame that sits flush with the lens. 

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Made in Italy, the £150 shades have lenses by renowned optics brand Carl Zeiss, and they come with a UV400-protective grey/bronze mirrored lens as standard for changeable conditions. Five other lens colours are available for different light conditions, at £80 a time. 

rapha arenberg 2.jpg

There is venting on the sides and under the bar to prevent condensation forming, and the frame design lacks the central bar seen on some glasses, an omission that Rapha says improves your view of the road ahead. There are rubber grips on the frame arms so the shades are secure when you slot them into your helmet vents.

If you want to ask for a pair for Christmas then it's perhaps best to skirt around the price tag, but for your hundred and fifty quid you get what looks to be a well-engineered set of shades, a metal hard case and top quality lenses (check out our numerous reviews of glasses with Carl Zeiss lenses). Visit Rapha's website for more info. 


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leqin | 6 years ago

Are these made from the same cheap plastics like the cheap ones I buy on Amazon or eBay and do they last just as long and can you afford to throw them in the recycle bin once they wear out... thought so.

50kcommute | 6 years ago

I'm waiting for the LV version!

drosco | 6 years ago
1 like

'Pro Team'. Gosh.

don simon fbpe replied to drosco | 6 years ago

drosco wrote:

'Pro Team'. Gosh.

The closest I'll get to being a pro these days is sticking a motor in the bike, but these do seem a little cheaper.

Leviathan | 6 years ago

Just in time for the summer... in Australia.

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