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Ritchey release updated Road Logic steel frameset and full build for 2018

The US heritage brand has unveiled this updated Road Logic steel frame, with classic lines and clearance for up to 30mm tyres

The 2018 Road Logic frame gets a fresh Skyline Blue paint job, and Ritchey say the TIG-welded frame "gracefully delivers a breathtaking combination of classic aesthetics, modern features and top performance desired by discerning riders around the world."  

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Ritchey's renowned steel road frame gets a wider tyre clearance of up to 30mm to meet current demands for a more comfortable ride experience on varying surfaces. The frameset gets a new carbon fork, and the frame itself is built with Ritchey's proprietary Logic steel tubing designed by Tom Ritchey himself. The frame has short-butted sections to reduce weight, and the machine-integrated head tube uses standard drop-in bearings to reduce the weight by 80g compared to a standard head tube design.

Ritchey Road Logic front end.jpg

Carbon forks and wider tyre clearance merges old-school looks with modern versatility 

To answer demand from dealers for an affordable package for the Road Logic frame, Ritchey are now offering the Comp Road Logic complete bike with a mid-level spec, something Ritchey say that bike shops were building up for their customers anyway. You get a full Shimano 105 drivetrain, and the rest of the spec is mostly from Ritchey's Comp range of alloy components including their Comp Zeta wheels with 27mm tyres, Comp Curve handlebars and 4-Axis stem.   

The weight has been kept impressively low, with the frame coming in at 1.77kg and the full build weighing 8.7kg. The price isn't bad either: £1,120 for the frameset and £2,099 for the complete build, and both will be available through numerous Ritchey dealers in the UK.  



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rodscher28 | 3 years ago

To be honest, this was the finest road bike I owned in decades. Stupidly, I sold it to get a commuter/gravel-thing. Still regret that I have sold it. But it still exists, so there is hope smiley

othello | 7 years ago

Love, love, LOVE my Ritehcy Road Logic. It is the normal version, and I've only had it just over a month. But it is bloody fantastic. 


I also prefer the grey colour  3

Alessandro | 7 years ago

Why why why don't manufacturers put mudguard lugs on bikes like this? We've built this super duper comfy bike that can be ridden anywhere with 30mm tyres making it ideal for commuting and through the winter but we didn't fancy making it weatherproof. Arrrgghhh!!

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