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WTB adds 32mm Exposure tyre to adventure/gravel tyre range

New tyre width and tread design added to WTB's adventure tyre range

WTB has added a new 32mm Exposure tyre to its gravel/adventure tyre range, splitting the difference between the existing 30 and 34mm versions of this popular tyre. 

The new tyre features a similar tread design to the wider 34mm Exposure tyre but it has been adapted for the slightly smaller carcass size. There's a smooth centre section with file tread sides for fast-rolling on the straight, and knobbly shoulder blocks for cornering grip in the loose dirt and gravel.

Why launch a 32mm tyre though? Because there are many bikes that will only take a maximum of a 32mm tyre, such as the All-City Mr Pink currently on review, plus a host of other cyclocross and early generation adventure bikes, and even some endurance road bikes. The new tyre will appeal to owners of those bikes that want to go wider and want a tyre capable of tackling a bit of off-road action. 

wtb exposure 1.jpg

The new 32mm Exposure is also a totally different tyre from the 30mm tyre of the same name, which has a smooth slick tyre design because it’s designed primarily for road use. With its shoulder knobs, the wider Exposure opens up the terrain options to include gravel roads, towpaths and bridleways.

“The Exposure 32 tread pattern complements its 30 and 34 siblings, fitting right in between the smoother and more road-going 30 and the mixed-condition 34 tires,” stated Will Ritchie, WTB’s OEM drop bar manager. “A progressive transition to slightly more open side tread allows for better wet weather grip and enough bite to assist in smoother dirt conditions – combined with our tubeless Supple Casing, the Exposure 32 is an excellent distance tire for pavement and broken blacktop with enough volume and tread to not be out of place seeing some dirt use too.”

Like most WTB tyres, the new Exposure 32c is tubeless ready (it must be used with sealant). It weighs a claimed 315g and we don’t have a UK price yet, but in dollars, it will cost $79.95. More at

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