Bike LIVE Cannock: Rose Bikes you can try on 8th April

Check out the Rose bikes you can demo at Cannock on 8th April

The clock is counting down to the next Bike LIVE demo day at Cannock Chase on Saturday 8th April 2017, and boy have we got some great bike brands lined up for you, including Whyte, Wilier, Canyon, Cube, Rose and Ribble. 

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Today we’re going to take a closer look at the bikes the German direct-sales brand Rose Bikes will be bringing along to the demo. Rose has enjoyed a lot of success over the last few years, combining great value for money and smartly designed bikes with some cutting-edge technology. 

Rose will be bringing the following bikes


  • Rose Uncle Jimbo 3    (Large)
  • Rose Uncle Jimbo 3    (Med)
  • Rose Granite Chief 2    (Med)
  • Rose Root Miller 2 Super trail    (Large)


  • Rose Xlite CRS 3000    (57)
  • Rose Xlite CWX 8810    (57)
  • Rose Xeon CWX 3100    (57)
  • Rose Pro CGF 3000    (57)
  • Rose Xeon CWX 3100    (59)
  • Rose Xeon RS 3100    (59)
  • Rose Team CDX Cross 4400 gravel  (57)

Road bikes

We’ll focus on the road bikes first because we’re a road cycling website and all. The X-Lite CRS-3000 is the company’s flagship road bike, a race bike designed for providing the best performance with a sub-1kg frame and massive tube shapes to increase frame stiffness.

The X-Lite CWX is an aerodynamic road bike with disc brakes and as Mat found when he reviewed it last year, it offers fast and sharp handling with top-level comfort. You can read that review here. 

The Xeon CWX is also an aero road bike with disc brakes and it’s actually based on the X-Lite CWX with the same frame shapes and geometry, but it’s a more affordable model thanks to the use of a different carbon fibre layup and component options. 

If it’s an endurance model you’re seeking, then cast your eye over the Pro CGF. A carbon frame with a relaxed geometry and space for 28mm wide tyres. With the rear brake mounted under the chainstays the seatstays have been designed to provide a compliant ride.

Carbon is all very nice and everything, but you have to pay handsomely for it. Aluminium, on the other hand, offers really good value for money and the Rose Xeon RS 3100 is a good example of the benefits of a metal frame. It’s packed with nice details and good equipment, meaning you don’t have to compromise on performance. 

If getting off-road on an adventure/gravel bike interests you, be sure to make a beeline for the Team CDX Cross 4400 gravel bike. A light - just 1,040g - carbon fibre frame with space for up to 42mm tyres and flat mount disc brakes makes this a versatile option for cyclocross and gravel riding

- Bike LIVE Cannock: the star bikes you can try for yourself

Cannock Chase is the ideal place to test road and mountain bikes and we’ve devised short loops for both that will let you test the bikes on rolling terrain with some tight turns and swooping descents. Perfect for putting demo bikes through their paces.

The video below gives a little taste of what you can expect. 

Bike Live Cannock: the perfect place to try your next road, mountain or gravel/adventure bike

Mountain Bikes

So you want to know a little about the mountain bikes Rose Bikes will be bringing? Oh, go on then, here you are. 

The Uncle Jimbo is the company’s trail/enduro bike with a four-bar suspension design providing 165mm of rear wheel travel. It’s built around 27.5in wheels with an aluminium frame and modern geometry, centred around a 66-degree head angle.

The Granite Chief is a shorter travel version of the Uncle Jimbo (150mm rear wheel travel) and for 2017 it has been refined with improved geometry, including a longer top tube, and adopted the new Metric shock sizing. There’s now more tyre clearance the new 2.6in tyre size that is coming along will fit in the frame.

The shorter travel Root Miller 29er has been updated for 2017. There’s now 140mm rear wheel travel and there are big changes in the geometry, with a longer top tube and 1.5-degree slacker head angle - it’s not a claimed 67-degrees. Rose has also given it Boost hubs and it’s compatible with 27.5 Plus wheels as well. 

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