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Ass Savers refine mudguard design with new Flip Tip

Fourth generation Ass Savers mudguard get new Flip Tip

The popular Ass Savers plastic saddle mounted mudguard has been refined and updated with a new Flip Tip nose that more securely locks the mudguard into the saddle rails.

Simple, light and reasonably inexpensive, the Ass Savers have been popular for a few years since they first arrived on the scene, and while not offering anywhere near the same road spray shield as full-length mudguards, are better than nothing at all. They've even been a common sight in the pro peloton on very wet stages.

ass savers new 2.jpg

The latest iteration brings it up to its fourth generation, showing that the company isn’t resting on its laurels and is looking at improvements all the time. If we were being super picky about the previous Ass Saver, is that they sometimes don’t stay in place very well and could be tricky to fit some saddles. The changes are aimed at addressing this issues.

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The Flip Tip folds down and clamps the Ass Saver securely against the saddle rails. It’s a simple change and one that looks like it should hook the mudguard into place with a bit more reassurance. We look forward to testing it. 

The regular Ass Saver is intended to fit any saddle rail, even carbon rails, and fits with no tools and is designed for 23 to 35mm tyres. 

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With the growing prevalence for gravel bikes and wide tyres, the Ass Saver Big increases the width of the mudguard so it offers more protection with 30 to 50mm tyres. It also gets the new Flip Tip and tool-free installation. 

The regular Ass Saver costs €9 and the Ass Saver Big is €10. Check them out at

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