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CeramicSpeed’s new chain is claimed to reduce friction by 15%

CeramicSpeed releases improved version of a chain designed to reduce drag

Want to go faster for less effort? There’s a growing choice of products that offer marginal gains and one company that focuses on saving you watts is CeramicSpeed. 

The company has just issued a new version of its UFO Racing Chain that it claims offers a staggering 15% less friction than the previous version with an extended range of 600km before the special treatment wears off, twice the longevity of the original version.

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ceramicspeed ufo chains1.png

The UFO Racing Chains are selected and optimised with a special coating to reduce friction, done by hand in Denmark at the company’s own facility. The development of the latest chain has been bolstered by CeramicSpeed’s acquisition of a US company called Friction Facts, a drivetrain efficiency lab.

It doesn’t go in much detail about the new formula other than to say it’s a wax-based formula - it’s not going to give away its secrets now is it - but does say it lasts double the distance with even lower friction than the original. 

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Once the formula wears off, a bottle supplied Squirt lube will continue to provide lubrication but we’d guess that the efficiency is going to diminish compared to a box fresh chain. 

“The latest frictional tests show that compared to the earlier version of the CeramicSpeed UFO Chain, the new formula shaves off up to 15% more of the chain friction,” says the company.

There’s an obvious attraction in reducing drivetrain inefficiency but CeramicSpeed is quick to add that it’s best suited to racing use in dry and clean weather conditions. Not one for a gravel race then. 

The CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chain will be offered in SRAM, Campagnolo and Shimano versions and 10- or 11-speed, using optimised KMC and Shimano HG901 chains. The chains will continue to be delivered together with a bottle of Squirt lube for maintenance use after the 600 km (370 miles) have been surpassed.

And how much for one of these chains? £99, so yes a fair bit more than your standard issue chain.

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