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K-Edge Garmin Sport Mount costing £29.99 launched

US company aims to offer more affordable Garmin out-front mount

There are myriad options for mounting a Garmin Edge computer to the handlebars of your bike, and it’s hard to beat the standard rubber band clamp. If you haven’t got space on your stem or handlebars, though, an optional out-front mount is a good option, and K-Edge has been one of the leading brands in this market. 

Its mounts are very high-quality and lovingly machined from aluminium, but at £45 they’ve never been what you could describe as affordable. With its new Garmin Sport Mount it is hoping to offer the same quality at a more affordable price. It will retail for £29.99.

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The new Garmin Sport Mount is made from CNC-machined aluminium with a  design that sits very flush around the handlebar. It’s compatible with nearly all the Garmin Edge computers from the 20 right through to the 820, with the big 1000 the only Edge that isn’t compatible. 

The Garmin Sport Mount has a replaceable insert and K-Edge claims the locking system provides a definite click when a Garmin computer is rotated into place using the familiar quarter-turn design. It weighs 42g with a 31.8mm clamp diameter.

“We are really excited about the new K-EDGE Garmin Sport Mount. Everyone knows that K-EDGE mounts are the best on the market but lots of consumers can be tempted by cheaper, inferior products. At £29.99 this new mount is very affordable, but isn’t any less reliable – and you need a reliable piece of kit when it’s holding your £300 plus Garmin.”

But just how affordable is it really? Well, £30 isn’t exactly cheap though it’s more affordable than K-Edge’s previous mounts. To  give some perspective, it’s the same price as Garmin’s own Bike Bar Mount, which is made from plastic rather than metal. Cheaper than both is the SRAM QuickView Garmin mount which costs £17. 

Of course, like most products, it’s also worth shopping around as most of these mounts can be found at discounted prices.

You can see some of the alternative Garmin out-front mounts in this article 

The new mount is available from October and you can find your nearest dealer at


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