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NAHBS 2016 award-winning bikes: Breadwinner Cycles, English Cycles, Argonaut, Sarto and more

The most beautifully made bikes from the recent North American Handmade Bicycle Show

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) took place last weekend and showcased some of the finest hand-built bicycles from some of the finest frame builders and brands in the cycle industry. 

And every year the organisers host the awards, handing out rosettes to the best bikes across a broad spectrum of categories. So without further ado, here are the winners. 

Riding Discipline Division

This is the award for fully complete bikes, with paint and component choices a factor.

Best City Bike/Utility bike: Breadwinner Cycles

best city bike4.jpg

Best road bike: English Cycles

best road bike2.jpg
best road bike4.jpg
best road bike3.jpg


Best mountain bike: Alchemy Bicycle Company

best mtb 13.jpg

Best cyclocross bike: Kent Eriksen Cycles

best cyclocross bike1.jpg

Best track bike: Sarto Antonio Cycles

sarto track bike1.jpg

Best tandem bike: Co-Motion Cycles

best tandem 2.jpg

Construction Division

These are the awards for the best examples of bicycle building, from lugged to TIG welded frames and the best carbon fibre layup.

Best lugged frame: DiNucci Cycles

best lugged frame15.jpg

Best fillet frame: Rex Cycles

best fillet frame 5.jpg
best fillet frame 4.jpg

Best TIG frame: Kent Eriksen Cycles

best tig.jpg

Best Layup: Argonaut Cycles

best layup 3.jpg

Overall Design Division

This is the awards for complete bikes with a theme, concept or heritage story.

Best Artisan: DeKerf Cycle Innovations  

artisan award1.jpg

Best finish: Caletti Cycles

best finish 1.jpg
best finish 15.jpg
best finish 9.jpg


People’s choice: Alchemy Bicycle Company

Alchemy 2.jpg

President’s choice and Campagnolo Award: Bixxis

Best Campagnolo Bike1.jpg
Best Campagnolo Bike6.jpg

Best new builder: Cryptic Cycles

Best New Builder  Cryptic1.jpg


Which bike is your pick of the show?

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