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BTwin Men’s Warm Reversible Cycling Jacket



Exceptionally versatile urban cycling jacket that's good across a wide range of temperatures
Warm but breathable
Eye-grabbing CE-certified fluoro side
Subtle dark blue side
Some weather protection
Fitment is a little odd and won’t suit all

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The BTwin Men’s Warm Reversible Cycling Jacket is a really versatile option for keeping warm in cooler temperatures, either on or off the bike thanks to its reversible shell. It's ridiculously visible in bike mode, good looking in pub mode, and offers some weather protection. It feels great to wear, though the fitment at the waist is a bit odd.

This urban riding jacket is the perfect garment to wear any time – with its reversible shell, you've got two choices: put it in riding mode and take advantage of its PPE EN1150-certified fluorescent exterior and massive high-vis elements. Then, when you get to your destination you can flip it inside out and the subtle dark blue colour will allow you to blend in with Joe public.

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In eye-grabbing mode, you get loads of reflective material where you need it most – that is, one along the front of the zip, around the back of the waist, and, crucially, along the back of each arm, which is exactly what you want when you're indicating and you want a motorist from behind to clearly see what you're doing at night.

2021 BTWIN Warm Reversible Urban Cycling Jacket - hi-viz side - front reflective.jpg

These high-vis strips aren't playing either – they're safety vest-like super-wide, which is brilliant for getting you noticed, either during the day or at night.

2021 BTWIN Warm Reversible Urban Cycling Jacket - hi-viz side - back reflective.jpg

A napoleon pocket on the front left breast is perfect for carrying your keys, wallet and safety mask, and there's a hood for keeping your head warm. A basic Velcro adjuster on the hood ensures you can get a decent fit no matter your head size.

2021 BTWIN Warm Reversible Urban Cycling Jacket - hi-viz side - hood.jpg

Flip it to the blue side and the only things you'll notice are the fluorescent zip pullers attached to the high-quality YKK front zip and those on the side pockets, which are ideal for carrying more stuff or keeping your hands warm. That's it, really – it's subtle, like I said.

2021 BTWIN Warm Reversible Urban Cycling Jacket - navy side - hem.jpg

In either mode, there are some key features which make this jacket an ideal cycling-specific garment. The first of these is a windproof front, which works perfectly for keeping the chill off your chest as you're riding at speed, while several areas of insulation – on the front, tops of the arms and the hood – help to trap warmth.

2021 BTWIN Warm Reversible Urban Cycling Jacket - navy side - chest and collar.jpg

Complementing this is a non-insulated perforated section at the back and on the under sides of the arms, helping sweat to evaporate when you're working hard.

2021 BTWIN Warm Reversible Urban Cycling Jacket - navy side - shoulders.jpg

I found the jacket good down to about 5°C with a baselayer and micro fleece, and comfortable up to about 15°C with just a baselayer on. Obviously, the harder you work, the less you'll need to wear, and vice versa.

2021 BTWIN Warm Reversible Urban Cycling Jacket - hi-viz side - under arm venting.jpg

I've been wearing it pretty much every other day for the last couple of months, and it's kept me just warm enough without making me sweat when riding an upright commuter bike. It's also good for walking to the shops, too.

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It's worth bearing in mind that the jacket has quite a fitted cut, so there's not a lot of room underneath for layering, but I like that – it makes the jacket feel sleek, and it looks really stylish (even on the fluoro side).

2021 BTWIN Warm Reversible Urban Cycling Jacket - hi-viz side - chest.jpg

In an XL, I found that for me at 6ft 4in, the arms are plenty long enough, as is the body. Across the chest and shoulders was slightly tighter than I was expecting, even though I'm no Arnie Schwarz. Conversely, the waist is a touch on the generous side and, annoyingly, there's no cinch at the hem to bring this in a bit, so you feel like you're losing precious heat out the bottom.

2021 BTWIN Warm Reversible Urban Cycling Jacket - navy side - back.jpg

The fitment is probably the only thing I wasn't particularly delighted about. If you're narrower across the top and wider at the bottom, you'll probably do well here, but if you're the other way round you might not like what you find.

2021 BTWIN Warm Reversible Urban Cycling Jacket - hi-viz side - hem.jpg

In terms of weather protection, Decathlon doesn't boast any kind of waterproofing, which is good because it's not really. You get rudimentary water resistance when the rain is light, and you can happily ride along for about an hour in anything heavier before moisture starts to soak through.

A slightly dropped tail helps to keep your backside protected against any grime that gets flung from your rear wheel.

Value and conclusion

Surprisingly, there are few jackets to compare the B'Twin jacket to – we've just not really reviewed that many of them on the site.

Rivelo's Newington Reversible Jacket is, as the name suggests, reversible from bright to subtle, but that's where the similarities end – it's relatively lightweight in its design, and it costs over £70 more.

Endura's latest Flipjak (we tested it back in 2015) is reversible and warm, but with an rrp of £129.99 it's £80 more than the B'Twin.

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Even with the slight fitment issues, I'd really recommend the B'Twin jacket as it does everything so well, and the price tag of £49.99 makes it an excellent purchase if you do a lot of urban riding and want to be seen night and day.


Exceptionally versatile urban cycling jacket that's good across a wide range of temperatures test report

Make and model: BTwin Warm Reversible Urban Cycling Jacket

Size tested: Extra Large

Tell us what the jacket is for and who it's aimed at. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

A jacket for someone who wants to be noticed when they're riding on the road, but likes to blend in when they're off the bike.

B'twin says, "If you ride around town regularly, protect yourself from the cold and wind while remaining visible both day and night. Compatible with a raincoat.

"Be seen on your bike during the day with the neon colours and at night thanks to the reflective bands. This jacket is reversible; turn it inside out to be discreet and elegant once you arrive."

Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the jacket?

More info from B'twin:


This urban cycling PPE jacket, which is certified according to standard EN1150, comes in a fluorescent colour approved for daytime visibility and has reflective strips for visibility at night.

The reflective parts have been positioned based on the constraints of cycling (leaning forwards, wearing a backpack, signalling, etc.) to guarantee 360° visibility at night from up to 50 m away when picked up by car headlights.


This jacket has been designed for city cyclists riding in cool weather. Remember that you will feel even cooler on an electric bike.

This jacket is composed of 2 parts: the front part is made from windproof fabric to protect your chest and neck from cool breezes as you cycle, while the padded zones keep you warm.

The back is composed of an open mesh to let perspiration escape and to help you dry out faster as you exercise.


This jacket is designed for a riding position. Its fitted shape covers the lower back, neck, arms and wrists while cycling, providing excellent protection.

You can wear your helmet over the hood.

It has two hand pockets (non-neon side) and one chest pocket (neon side) for carrying your phone. The pockets are zipped for added security.


This jacket can be worn under a city cycling rain jacket or poncho for even more protection against the cold and wet. Adapt your kit to the weather and intensity of your pedalling to stay comfortable all year round.


2 years


0.52 kg

Rate the jacket for quality of construction:

A good quality garment, and as with all B'twin stuff you get a two-year warranty.

Rate the jacket for performance:

Gets you loads of attention at night or day, and looks subtly stylish when reversed.

Rate the jacket for durability:

I've been wearing this pretty much every other day and no problems so far.

Rate the jacket for waterproofing based on the manufacturer's rating:

No waterproofing boasts by B'twin, but the jacket outer has some water resistance which makes it perfect in light rain (and it can withstand about an hour of heavier rain).

Rate the jacket for breathability based on the manufacturer's rating:

I never once got too hot, though as this is aimed more at the urban market you're probably not going to be getting too sweaty in the first place.

Rate the jacket for fit:

Slightly narrow across the top and slightly wide at the bottom. If this shape suits you, then perfect; if not, then it's still worth trying as, other than this, the overall fitment is quite good – slim, with good freedom of movement.

Rate the jacket for sizing:

Aside from the fitment issues above, the XL is suited to the slimmer, taller person. More of an Italian type cut, in my mind.

Rate the jacket for weight:

Pretty light given the warmth on offer.

Rate the jacket for comfort:

Feels great on or off the bike.

Rate the jacket for value:

A decent price for a CE-certified warm and breathable jacket that looks and feels good.

How easy is the jacket to care for? How did it respond to being washed?

Slightly fussier than some – you need to put it in a clothing bag and wash it on its own, but otherwise nothing major. I only washed it once, but it came out looking like new.

Tell us how the jacket performed overall when used for its designed purpose

It's seriously attention-grabbing night or day, which is really what you want from an urban jacket. It looks great off the bike when reversed. It also keeps you warm, even when you ride a bit harder. Job done, I would say.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the jacket

The reversible shell.

Tell us what you particularly disliked about the jacket

The overly generous hem and the lack of a cinch adjuster.

How does the price compare to that of similar products in the market including ones recently tested on

It's a very fair price for a jacket with such a good performance – it's about £70 cheaper than the similar Rivelo Newington Reversible Jacket, which isn't as warm, or anywhere near as eye catching, and the latest Endura Flipjak is £129.99.

Did you enjoy using the jacket? Yes

Would you consider buying the jacket? Yes

Would you recommend the jacket to a friend? Yes

Use this box to explain your overall score

This jacket does nearly everything really well – it's great for standing out, day or night, keeps you warm without sweating on urban rides, and it looks great when you're walking around in casual mode. There's also some weather protection. The only gripe is the slight fitment issue, primarily around the waist.

Overall rating: 8/10

About the tester

Age: 39  Height: 6'4  Weight: 175lbs

I usually ride: Steel audax bike  My best bike is:

I've been riding for: 10-20 years  I ride: Every day  I would class myself as: Experienced

I regularly do the following types of riding: commuting, touring, club rides, sportives,

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