Jolly useful stuff for hacking and fixing

Do you like fixing stuff? You may have come across Sugru, which is a self-hardening silicone rubber, kind of a mouldable glue. Thermoworx Blackmorph is a different kind of material – a thermoplastic polymer – but it can be put to use in many of the same ways, and some different ones, and it scores over Sugru in that it's cheaper, remouldable and reusable.

  • Pros: Great for fixing and hacking stuff, remouldable, reusable
  • Cons: Very hard when set so not ideal for some bike-related tasks, not a glue so surface prep is important

Blackmorph (Whitemorph is also available, as are colour pigments to make your own colours) melts at 62°C, so getting it ready to use is just a case of popping some granules in a cup and pouring on some boiling water. Once it's melted you can form it into any shape you want.


It sets to a plastic hard enough to be structural. That means it's not ideal for ergonomic tasks like fitting your handlebars to your hand shape, as it's not particularly comfy to hold. But you can do all sorts of other stuff with it.

I've mended some cycling shoes with it, added some wings to a tricky bolt to make it easier to undo, fixed a windscreen wiper (okay, not a specifically cycling-related task), replaced the nose bits on some sunglasses... that sort of thing. Basically, hacked stuff.


If you get it wrong then you can just heat the Blackmorph up again with a hair dryer and re-mould it or pull it off and re-use it. Those are the two main plus points over Sugru. That's a one-time affair – it sets and that's that – so you have to use a whole packet if you open it, and if you're not happy with the results you need to start again.

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Blackmorph isn't a glue, so it's important to prepare surfaces well: make sure they're clean, and scuff them up a bit with some emery board to help adhesion. I found it also helps to heat up whatever you're fixing with a hairdryer where you can, especially if you're tackling a big job like a shoe repair.

Anyway, it's just really useful stuff to have knocking about for all those minor hacks and repairs. I can thoroughly recommend it.


Jolly useful stuff for hacking and fixing

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Make and model: Thermoworx Blackmorph

Size tested: Black

Tell us what the product is for and who it's aimed at. What do the manufacturers say about it? How does that compare to your own feelings about it?

Thermoworx says, "Blackmorph® is a reusable thermoplastic polymer with a low melting point. The pellets fuse together, soften and turn semi-transparent when heated to over 62°C allowing users to easily shape the polymer by hand! Blackmorph® hardens to a solid, black, non-brittle, strong material that truly has unlimited possibilities. Blackmorph® has no shelf-life and is fully biodegradable. Not compatible with Thermoworx colouring pigments."

Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product?

Thermoworx lists:

Heat in hot water over 62°C

Mould by hand




Black edition

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It's great.

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Great for fixing and hacking stuff, remouldable, reusable.

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Very hard when set so not ideal for some bike-related tasks, not a glue so surface prep is important.

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There's not much direct competition. It's cheaper than Sugru but not exactly the same thing.

Did you enjoy using the product? Yes

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Really useful stuff to have knocking about, not expensive. Go get some.

Overall rating: 8/10

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Xena [131 posts] 4 months ago

Perfect . I was about to throw one of my  old dildos away ,now I can fix it ,,,good times 

bechdan [265 posts] 4 months ago
Xena wrote:

Perfect . I was about to throw one of my  old dildos away ,now I can fix it ,,,good times 

how did you manage to damage your.... never mind i dont want to know

bechdan [265 posts] 4 months ago

How does this compare to Sugru?

hawkinspeter [4419 posts] 4 months ago
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bechdan wrote:

How does this compare to Sugru?

This is thermoplastic and sets to a hard plastic whereas sugru sets to a silicone rubber. Thermo-setting plastic can also be remoulded as you can heat it up again to make it pliable. You get less time to mould this as it'll cool down relatively quickly.

Personally, I'd prefer sugru for replacing the nose rubber bits of sunglasses that always seem to get lost.

mylesrants [514 posts] 4 months ago

Will just order now.

thanks for heads up.

handlebarcam [1341 posts] 4 months ago

Do not try the all-natural alternative as the results are likely to be disappointing.

Liam Cahill [213 posts] 4 months ago

This sounds ideal for plugging the unused mechanical shift ports on my new CX bike. Unless I'm not supposed to be using this on carbon stuff?