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Luke Rowe buys new bike for Cardiff doctor whose bike was stolen

Team Ineos star steps in after seeing intensive care medic's Twitter post...

Team Ineos rider Luke Rowe has bought a new bike for a Cardiff doctor whose own bike was stolen while he was working a night shift at a hospital in the Welsh capital.

In a post to Twitter Tom Roberts, an anaesthetic research fellow at University Hospital of Wales, revealed that the bike had been taken while he was working on the intensive care unit.

He wrote: “To the person who stole my bike while I was working on the intensive care unit - I hope you enjoy it.”

Among those who replied to the tweet was Team Ineos rider Rowe, who asked Dr Roberts to send him a direct message.

In a subsequent post, Dr Roberts said: “Thanks so much @lukerowe for the really kind gift of a new bike. Really appreciate it.”

He told BBC News Wales that he will pick up the new bike tomorrow.

“Seeing all the offers of help restores your faith in people,” he said.

“Witnessing how people are empathising with you and also trying to help you out as much as they can is humbling.

“Yesterday I'd been working in intensive care, came out of work about 8:45pm and went down to where I normally park my bike. The lock had been cut through and my bike was missing.

“It's pretty disappointing at the moment, particularly when the NHS is being held in potentially a higher regard than it normally is.

“For someone to do that in a hospital when you are on shift working to help people and save their lives, that's a little bit disappointing.”

We’ve reported on a number of NHS staff who have had bicycles stolen in recent weeks while they have been at work, with many choosing to ride in instead of taking busy public transport.

> Two charged after bikes stolen from NHS coronavirus workers and staff member assaulted

With the country in lockdown and people only allowed out for essential reasons, one school of thought is that thieves are taking the opportunity of quieter public places to steal bikes.

Cycling retailers and brands as well as social media users have rallied round victims of such thefts, resulting in replacement bikes quickly being found for key workers to enable them to get to their jobs.

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jollygoodvelo | 4 years ago

For all that we would like to imagine the country pulling together right now, there are still scum out there, and the rate of house burglaries must be at an all time low so perhaps they're looking for other targets.  Well done Rowe - made of the right stuff.

ktache replied to jollygoodvelo | 4 years ago
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That, but there are still bike thieves about, no finacial easing for them, and slim pickings at train stations, shopping centres and universities and other places of work.

Rik Mayals unde... replied to jollygoodvelo | 4 years ago

I'm really surprised that there hasn't been an increase in looting from shops, as every town centre now resembles a ghost town. House burglaries must be down, as most are full of people either working from home or furloughed.

brooksby replied to Rik Mayals underpants | 4 years ago

I've noticed that lots of hotels and pubs have signs in the window saying that there are people living on site, presumably to discourage thieves.

A skate park near me had the contents of their shop completely cleared out by a bloke using an IKEA shopping bag (£000s worth of stuff); their alarm went off, and it was all recorded on camera, but he got away. Stupid- its not like he can sell it on a market stall or down the pub any time soon.

(Scum will be scum, I guess, which I've read was part of the "true" blitz spirit/experience)

RobD | 4 years ago
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There must be a whole lot of security guards currently not working due to all the closures, could the government not enlist some of them to patrol around hospitals etc at the moment, if bikes are being stolen I wouldn't be surprised if there's other stuff happening too.

I can't believe how calm Dr Tom has stayed about it, clearly made of sterner stuff than most.

Rich_cb | 4 years ago

Great story.

I know Tom, he's a top bloke.

Looking forward to seeing him cruising in to work on his new F12.

caw35ride replied to Rich_cb | 4 years ago

Perhaps one previous owner, full service history, etc.

Scoob_84 replied to Rich_cb | 4 years ago

Dr Tom will be crushing his strava records on his commute

Simon E replied to Rich_cb | 4 years ago

Hopefully with a decent lock in his rucksack.

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