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Low Traffic Neighbourhood in Ealing ripped out 'during school run'

"It’s truly embarrassing to live in Ealing right now."...

A Low Traffic Neighbourhood being trialled in Ealing has been shut down by the council.

The council claim the closing of a nearby road for a period of two months means they were left with no option other than to shut down LTN21. 

It also said however that 'the implementation of low traffic neighbourhoods has caused significant division within local communities'.

Shortly after Ealing Council announced its decision, a local school posted a warning on its website urging children and parents to take 'extra care' while travelling.

The road due for closure, Swyncombe Avenue, links Hounslow and Ealing on the southern border of the LTN21 but is closing to eastbound traffic from Monday. 

The council allege this closure would make LTN21 unworkable and therefore they have been forced to remove it this weekend

Social media users said that the removal of the LTN began on Friday 'during the school run'.

The council says ultimately it wants people living in LTNs to be the ones to have the final say on the trial schemes.

This will be done through a 'Controlled Parking Zone' style consultation on each LTN in the borough, 'keeping schemes that work and are supported, and removing those that do not'.

Ealing Council Leader Peter Mason (Labour) said: “Ealing Council promised to listen to local people’s views on active travel initiatives like LTNs, and we have done just that.

"The decision on LTN 21 has been brought forward because of the closure of Swyncombe Avenue and we will be ending the trial this weekend. 

“Remaining LTNs will be subject to a CPZ style consultation, with a vote for local people on whether they think the LTNs will work in their neighbourhoods.

“I’ve pledged that the council I lead will be open, transparent and inclusive. That means being honest about what works and what doesn’t. 

“This decision is about giving local people control over change in their neighbourhoods. Our commitment to tackling the climate emergency and enabling active travel and cycling remains unchanged, but we know we must take people with us.”

Ealing Liberal Democrat leader Councillor Gary Malcom responded to the news by demanding all LTNs are removed.

Following the announcement, a local school in the area, Fielding Primary urged children to take extra care when walking home. 

Ealing warning from school

Posting on its website, the school warned:  "Pupils and parents are recommended to take extra care when travelling to and from school because traffic levels may change.

"Teachers are talking to classes this afternoon about taking extra care walking home from school today."

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