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Furious road rage motorist goes viral for confronting cyclist — as car rolls away because he forgot to apply handbrake

The bizarre incident saw the driver sent a warning letter by Warwickshire Police

A video of a driver overtaking an indicating cyclist ahead of a tight bend before storming out of his car to confront the rider has gone viral on Twitter, being viewed more than three million times since yesterday.

In a twist to the scene the motorist's vehicle rolled away after the man forgot to apply the handbrake, prompting the cyclist to warn, "your car's running away, careful!" and the driver to run back to stop the vehicle before continuing his rant.

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The clip was shared on social media by the 'Northfield cyclist' account who revealed the driving on show was "only worthy of a 'warning letter sent for inconsiderate driving' from Warwickshire Police".

"I was indicating to turn right approx 50 yards before turn = brake checked and two very, very angry people," they explained.

The video appears to be filmed on Spring Lane near the M24 in Solihull, just south of Birmingham and shows the cyclist riding north at the moment they indicate to turn right.

Seemingly ignoring the signal the driver overtakes the rider who then waves his arm in disgust at the manoeuvere approaching a turn. In reply, the driver of the Peugeot then twice brake checks the cyclist before coming to a stop and shouting, "what's up with you you t**t?"

While the rider answers, "you don't overtake while I'm indicating to turn right please", the driver storms out of the vehicle before comically running back after being told his car's running away. 

Road rage incident (screenshot Twitter @Northfieldcycl1)

Handbrake safely applied the confrontation continued, the driver asking "what on earth is up with you, man?"

Road rage incident (screenshot Twitter @Northfieldcycl1)
Road rage incident (screenshot Twitter @Northfieldcycl1)

With one more brake check the motorist leaves the scene as a passer by checks the cyclist is okay.

Earlier this month we shared the 842nd of our Near Miss of the Day series highlighting dangerous driving on Britain's roads, in which a passenger jumped out of a car to remonstrate with a cyclist — after the driver cut a corner and almost hit him.

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"Listen now, I saw you, she wasn't cutting [the corner]," the passenger, now standing in the road in front of the cyclist, suggested.

"What do you mean, she wasn't cutting the corner?" came the baffled reply.

Then, delivered with a startling irony, the woman shouted at the cyclist to "get off the road" before he's on the receiving end of yet more dodgy driving.

After the rider, understandably, asked why he was the recipient of a verbal lashing after a motorist cut the corner of a junction, almost hitting him, the protective passenger replied: "Because you're standing still there and there's other traffic, and you'll cause an accident."

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