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Cyclist, 11, dragged from bike and scalp ripped off during pit bull attack

Fundraising for the child's medical bills has surpassed $200,000 since the shocking incident in the US state of Georgia...

An 11-year-old child was left missing 70 per cent of his scalp and requiring extensive surgery after being pulled from his bicycle and attacked by three pit bulls.

The owner of the dogs, Burt Baker III, told police the animals enjoyed chasing people on bicycles and has been charged with reckless conduct after officers learned there had been multiple complaints about his pets.

During the attack on Friday 6 January, Justin Gilstrap was riding his bike near his home in Grovetown, Georgia when the three loose pit bulls attacked him, pulling him to the ground.

The boy's cousin, Mason Aguilar, also 11, found Justin screaming in a ditch "with three dogs and blood everywhere" and called 911. By the time the police arrived he was missing half his ear, 70 per cent of his scalp and had bites to his leg.

"All I hear is screaming 'help, help, help,'" Aguilar told Fox 13. "I thought my cousin was at his house playing a game. Then I see him sitting there in the ditch with three dogs and blood everywhere, saying, 'Mason help, Mason help, Mason help'."

Kellie Aguilar, Mason's mother, revealed the family have filed complaints about the dogs previously but "nobody's ever done anything".

"They just run loose. They're not behind the fence. They're not tied up. They run loose 24/7."

Justin's mother Ericka revealed he had suffered a fever in hospital and had undergone surgery to remove some of the skin from his leg and head, with an integra graft to be done soon.

A GoFundMe page was set up to pay for the medical bills and has, at the time of writing, raised more than $205,000 of the $250,000 goal. The fundraiser, set up by mum Ericka, reads...

I am asking everyone to please pray for Justin. He was attacked by three pit bulls tonight. He was rushed in for emergency surgery. He is currently intubated and sedated at CHOG in PICU.

He is missing 70 per cent of his scalp, has several lacerations and staples, they couldn't close the wound on his leg, and now he's running a fever.

The sad thing is we have reported these dogs several times before! Columbia County did nothing! It's sad it took this for them to finally do something. I am a single mom of four so I am sure I will have to be out of work for a little bit plus all of Justin's medical bills as he is going to have to have a few more surgeries.

I hate asking for anything but right now I am worried about everything. Any help is appreciated. 

Justin is now conscious but remains in hospital receiving treatment. 

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