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Cyclist left with tree branch impaled in neck after quarry fall

Paul Coyne was airlifted to hospital after incident in Lincolnshire on Good Friday

A cyclist in Lincolnshire was left with a tree branch impaled in his neck after he fell off his bike while riding at a quarry.

Paul Coyne, aged 32, had to be airlifted to hospital after the incident at Greetwell Quarry in Lincoln, reports Lincolnshire Live.

The oil field worker, who was out for a ride for his daily permitted exercise during the current lockdown, fell 10 feet over a cliff edge before becoming impaled on the branch.

The incident happened at around 7pm on Good Friday, with police, the coastguard, fire engines and ambulances all attending after a friend of Mr Coyne’s raised the alarm.

Mr Coyne said: “The quarry is 10 minutes from my house, and I ride there every day as part of my permitted daily exercise.

“I went down the side of a 10ft cliff edge and lost the balance of the bike.

“I fell off sideways and impaled myself on a tree and a branch about the thickness of your index finger was stuck in my neck.

“I was stranded there and one of my friends called 999.”

 He is now recuperating at home after being treated at Hull Royal Infirmary.

“Luckily it [the tree branch] missed the main arteries and the doctors just pulled it out and stitched me up.

"I'm a bit sore at the moment but when I'm fit and well I will be back there," he added.

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zero_trooper | 4 years ago

There's some risk assessment issues here. I believe it's why we are 'restricted' to an hour's exercise. If something goes wrong,  then the emergency services may get involved, as in this case. So there's time and distance and in this case level of risk. Cycling off road in a quarry is a higher risk than cycling on the road or a turbo trainer.

The guy works off shore, his job is one big risk assessment!

jasecd | 4 years ago

Cue the rush to judge then - I'd have thought we'd all have enough experience of victim blaming to be a bit more circumspect.

There's not enough detail to judge his actions even if we were qualified to do so. Bear in mind that the poor guy could have easily lost his life.

EK Spinner | 4 years ago

So does he live with his friend, or was it just lucky his pal (who phoned the ambulance) had chosen to ride the ame route shortly after him.

Philh68 replied to EK Spinner | 4 years ago
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Yes, he does share an abode with his friend.

Butty | 4 years ago

I suppose he could have stayed at home "out of harms way" and done some DIY


Milkfloat | 4 years ago
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I hope the guy recovers soon, but messing about in a quarry with your friends is not exactly permitted exercise. 

Sriracha replied to Milkfloat | 4 years ago
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Yeah, good job the police didn't spot him else he'd have got it in ...

Hywel replied to Sriracha | 4 years ago
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It's not a police issue - he wasn't doing anything illegal.  Daft, possibly; illegal, no.

Sriracha replied to Hywel | 4 years ago

... the neck.

OnTheRopes replied to Hywel | 4 years ago
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Well it's a quarry, therefore presumably somebody owns it, if they do then there may be some liability issue and also perhaps trespass even if that may or may not be a police issue.

OldRidgeback replied to OnTheRopes | 4 years ago
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It's been closed as a working quarry since 2003. It's now a popular spot for climbing, walking and cycling.

brooksby | 4 years ago

"I'm a bit sore at the moment

Well that's surely got to be one of the understatements of the year...

Be safe, Mr Coyne, and get well soon.

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