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Children shouldn't be allowed to cycle on road without an adult, says 'Mr Loophole'; Jumbo-Visma publish statement on Tour of Poland; Thug who pushed cyclist off bike didn't pay compensation; Spanish cyclist has ban reinstated + more on the live blog

It's Friday! Jack Sexty is here to provide your lead live blog coverage today with other members of the team chipping in intermittently.....
07 August 2020, 15:47
"Dylan broke a sports rule and that’s unacceptable": Jumbo-Visma publish statement on Tour of Poland crash

The team said they are "shocked by the consequences of the crash", and that Dylan Groenewegen "acknowledges that he made an incorrect move". Points 5 to 8 of the statement say: 

"Team Jumbo-Visma stands for fair sportsmanship, within the rules. With his move Dylan broke a sports rule and that’s unacceptable.

"We have decided that Dylan will not start in a race until the judgment of the disciplinary committee to which the UCI has handed over the incident.

"We will support Dylan and his family as a team to come through this (mentally) tough times for them. Some of the ways they are approached are reprehensible.

"For now, the health and recovery of Fabio prevails. Our thoughts go out to Fabio Jakobsen and the other people involved in the terrible crash in the Tour of Poland."

Jakobsen is now out of an induced coma, and Deceuninck-QuickStep are still deciding whether to take legal action against Groenewegen - full story here

07 August 2020, 15:34
Covid-19 testing in Utrecht: bicycles welcome, of course

With UK driver-through test centres only accepting those with cars, perhaps it's time we took some inspiration from the Dutch once more. 

07 August 2020, 13:55
Fabio Jakobsen is out of induced coma, confirms hospital

Some excellent news, as the Dutchman has been taken out of an induced coma for the first time in two days. 

A statement from St. Barbara Hospital in Sosnowiec said: "The patient is conscious, complies with the instructions and he is disconnected from the ventilator. 

"We are pleased with his health today. The cyclist may leave the hospital in two weeks." 

07 August 2020, 14:15
Camden Brewery offering free beer to cyclists

Well a single bottle of Ginger Radler actually, but it's free so hey ho. Thirsty London cyclists can claim the freebie at the Brewery's pop-up beer garden in Camden today and over the weekend. 

07 August 2020, 13:18
Cycling 'debates' on national television: some reflection

Here at, some readers question why we give any airtime to certain people whose views could have a negative and/or dangerous influence on their audience; however we believe such views need to be challenged, and hopefully some sensible discussions can be had off the back of it that could lead to positive changes. Moving swiftly on... 

07 August 2020, 15:22
Also mustn't “enter or loiter near any bicycle storage area or cycle rack anywhere within England and Wales”
07 August 2020, 13:28
Fabio Jakobsen crash: cycling needs to take a "hard look" at itself, says Brian Cookson
Brian Cookson at 2013 Junior World Track Championships (credit Brian Cookson Images, Flickr)

The former UCI President says that downhill finishes should be banned, following the horror crash on stage 1 of the Tour of Poland which left 23-year-old Jakobsen fighting for his life

Cookson told Sky News: "Everyone concerned has got to take a hard look at themselves. 

"From the UCI, to the riders, to the race organisers. I'm as terrified as anyone else watching that crash, it was really horrendous."

07 August 2020, 12:41
'Mr Loophole' continued: controversial lawyer says children shouldn't be allowed to cycle on the road without adults who have passed a proficiency test
duncan dollimore and nick freeman - good morning britain.PNG

When asked about privacy issues regarding the identification of people on bikes - as opposed to the identification of vehicles rather than motorists when it comes to cars - Freeman claimed that there needs to be a debate over "the age young children are in fact safe to ride on the roads." 

He continued: "I think below a certain age they would have to be accompanied by a responsible adult who has passed a proficiency test."

A spokesperson for Cycling UK told "What a cruel world that would be if kids could only ride with adults! Yet again we see the real risk ignored, which is the danger motor traffic can present." 

Freeman agreed that motorists are "the greatest risk" on the roads, but insisted they are accountable: "If a motorist commits an offence and goes through, for example, a red light, the registered keeper receives a section 172 notice. If he doesn't comply with that he'll be prosecuted for failing to give the information, he'll in fact receive 6 penalty points or disqualification upon conviction. His insurance premiums will rocket.

"I don't object to a similar system for cyclists, but I think it would just logistically work more sensibly if we identified the cyclists rather than the bike."

We're not sure if Mr Freeman has tried to report a motorist running a red light to the authorities recently, but we'd hazard a guess that it probably won't result in six penalty points for the driver based on your testimony alone...

07 August 2020, 12:15
Spanish cyclist Ibai Salas has doping ban reinstated after appeal from World Anti Doping Agency
ibai salas - via flickr creative commons.PNG

Salas - who rode for Burgos BH until 2018 - had his original four-year ban for biological passport abnormalities overturned by the Administrative Court of Sport in Spain back in February 2019. WADA then filed an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, with the CAS concluded that Salas did commit an anti-doping rule violation, , concluding that his biological passport levels were highly abnormal and "indicated a high probability of doping". They also found that Salas "did not provide any credible, physiological or pathological reason or condition to explain the abnormality in the ABP values." 

His ban was backdated from the time of the original offence, meaning Salas will be allowed to complete again in 2021. 

07 August 2020, 10:39
It's Milan–San Remo tomorrow

Originally scheduled for 21st March, the monument will finally go ahead tomorrow with Julian Alaphilippe aiming to defend his title. Historically Milan–San Remo has always been hard to predict, with the long distances and variable terrain meaning the winner is just as likely to come from a solo attack as a bunch sprint; this year's mammoth 299km course taking in the Poggio and the Cipressa is perhaps more unpredictable than ever, with wholesale changes made to the route just days ago due to disagreements with mayors in a number of coastal towns. It means the race is now taking place along a 'plan B' route, staying mostly inland before the final 40km of racing

Live coverage will be broadcast on Eurosport from 2.50pm tomorrow. 

07 August 2020, 10:25
Nick Freeman on Good Morning Britain: Twitter poll currently shows over 70% want penalty points for cyclists

Which would mean - as outlined by Duncan Dollimore in the clip below - the registering and insuring of millions of bikes and cyclists in an operation that would likely cost billions with little in return. Some of the comments such as Mr Boulting's and numerous others appear to be dead against the idea, despite the depressing poll stats. 

07 August 2020, 08:53
Nick Freeman, aka 'Mr Loophole', appears on Good Morning Britain repeating calls for cyclists to be insured, and wear a "registered tabard"

Freeman called for the 1988 Road Traffic Act to be updated to include cyclists, and that cyclists must be "held accountable"; this is despite Freeman specialising in helping celebrities avoid motoring convictions, counting Jeremy Clarkson and David Beckham amongst his former clients. He said: "I welcome the increase in cyclists, I think it's fantastic and Boris Johnson is on the right track. But we do now need to regulate, if there are 8 million (cyclists) on our roads."

Duncan Dollimore of Cycling UK tried to explain the complications and costs involved in registering millions of bicycles in the UK to Mr Freeman, saying: "The reality is that 99.3% of pedestrians who die on our roads are involved in a collision with a motor vehicle. We have a situation where 41 cyclists died last year in a collision with drivers. No driver or car passenger was involved in a death in those and haven't been in recent years. 

"The reality is that statistically cyclists don't present that risk, so we don't regulate them the same way that we regulate drivers. If we chose to regulate them (cyclists) we'd have to regulate people owning 25 million bikes in the UK, including 7 million children who ride bikes regularly." 

Freeman then pulls out his "registered tabard" idea that he has floated numerous times in the past, saying: "I'm suggesting that all cyclists should be registered, there should be a registered tabard, identifiable with that particular person so that we know at any one time who is on a cycle." 

07 August 2020, 08:18
Thug who pushed cyclist off his bike in "unprovoked attack" receives conditional discharge after failing to pay £50 compensation to victim
Magistrates court coat of arms (CC BY 2.0 licensed by Elliot Brown:Flickr)

When he first appeared in court last year, 21-year-old Joshua Lewis was handed a conditional caution, and told he would face no further punishment if he wrote a letter of apology to the victim and paid £50 compensation; but although Lewis wrote the letter in custody, he never paid the fine. Lewis' solicitor said that he was unable to pay the £50, commenting: “It says on the conditional caution that it was means tested but it was not.

“He was on benefits and that total amount was £340 a month which had to pay for his accommodation. He didn’t have enough money for bills let alone £50 compensation.” 

The Sentinel reports that Lewis pushed the victim off his bike "for no reason", claiming he was drunk at the time.

The court heard that Lewis is now working for FedEx. He has admitted assault, with magistrates handing him a 12 month conditional discharge, and ordering him to pay £135 costs, £50 compensation and a £21 victim surcharge. 

07 August 2020, 07:55
Police appeal for witnesses over mystery surrounding death of 24-year-old cyclist in Greenwich Park
Met Police

Following the death of a 24-year-old cyclist in the south-east London park back in June, the Met Police have put out a new appeal for witnesses. 

Police were called just after 6pm on Sunday 28th June after reports of a collision in The Avenue, Greenwich Park. The cyclist was taken to hospital but died from his injuries on 16th July, and police are still trying to "establish the circumstances surrounding the collision and how the man came to be injured."

PC Tony Butler commented: "A significant number of people would have been in the park at the time of the collision.

"I'm aware some time has passed since the date of the incident but I'm hoping somebody will be able to help with our investigation."

Anyone for information is asked to call 101 quoting CAD 6309/28JUN.

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