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Birmingham's bollard bonanza as "forest" of traffic-calming poles installed outside school... to protect cyclists and pedestrians from bad parking; Kid's expletive-laden reaction to not getting a bike for Christmas + more on the live blog

̶I̶t̶'̶s̶ ̶W̶e̶d̶n̶e̶s̶d̶a̶y̶ It feels like Wednesday and Dan Alexander is here to take you through the middle of the shortened week on the live blog...
05 January 2023, 09:07
Birmingham's bollard bonanza as "forest" of traffic-calming poles installed outside school... to protect cyclists and pedestrians from bad parking

This anti-dangerous parking measure from Birmingham City Council along the A38 Bristol Road between Longbridge and Northfield has attracted more than enough chatter for a blog post...

Installed to "challenge" inconsiderate and dangerous parking outside The Meadows Primary School, it was actually implemented 18 months ago but has come to the world's attention thanks to national newspaper coverage and, of course, Twitter's ever-brilliant World Bollard Association.

The 50m stretch includes 60 of the poles, described by one local as "weird slalom posts more suited to the Winter Olympics", outside the primary school, but has drawn criticism from some, including those who believe the scheme could prove more dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists.

"We're all for traffic safety around a primary school, but this just looks like a weird slalom of posts more suited to the Winter Olympics," Jessica grant told the Coventry Telegraph.

"It's an absolute eyesore too and if anything could prove more dangerous for cyclists or pedestrians trying to navigate it. Delivery drivers have also been unable to park up and I hear parents have had difficulties too. I've never seen anything like it anywhere else to be honest."

Another local added: "Serious questions have to be asked of the council. It's barmy. Who on earth thought this was a good idea? We have had problems with parking near the school but this is an unnecessary eyesore and complete overkill by the council."

05 January 2023, 09:18
"Unfortunately the number of bollards that have been installed demonstrates the scale of the problem"

Responding to the public frenzy over the bollards, Birmingham City Council told The Telegraph:

We receive regular complaints from residents about inconsiderate and dangerous parking outside the school. 

We are working with the school to help challenge this behaviour and encourage walking and cycling where appropriate, but unfortunately the number of bollards that have been installed demonstrates the scale of the problem. 

We will continue to encourage parents to consider other forms of transport and to consider others when dropping off children at school.

05 January 2023, 17:01
British clothing brand VeloVixen enters liquidation
velovixen 2015

VeloVixen co-founder Phil Bingham has told Cycling Weekly a multitude of factors and "feeling the pinch" has caused his British-based cycling clothing brand to enter liquidation.

The news was shared on the company's website, with Bingham explaining "adverse forces" have conspired against it and that after 11 years the brand is no more.

"It's like any other small business in the cycling world," he explained. "At the moment, I don't know if there is any business within cycling that isn't feeling the pinch," he said. "I think we can genuinely say that this is all the forces at once conspiring against us. It's a combination of energy prices, inflation, doom and gloom amongst consumers and cost of living."

We'll have a feature on the challenges facing British cycling clothing brands in the near future...

05 January 2023, 16:40
Near Miss of the Day overseas edition
05 January 2023, 16:04
How I expect all future bike photos to be posted...
05 January 2023, 15:35
New Kask helmet spotted in Ineos Grenadiers Instagram post?

We love a bit of off-season speculating and kit spotting. As the pros head out on training camp spins, their teams keen to snap all the new kit, it's a great opportunity to try to see if there's anything interesting and unreleased on show.

> Is a MECHANICAL 12-speed Shimano 105 groupset coming in 2023 after all?

So, when we saw this on Ineos Grenadiers' Instagram we first had to get over the shock of seeing G without Oakleys... but once the deep feeling of emptiness had shifted, another thing caught our eye — that aero helmet on Dani Martinez's head...

New Kask helmet? (Ineos Grenadiers/Instagram)

Seen again here... 

New Kask helmet? (Ineos Grenadiers/Instagram)

Now, if you search Kask Elemento you'll get a few results come up online, but it's not yet released, leading our tech team to speculate this could be a replacement for the Utopia or slot in between the Utopia and Protone Icon in the Kask range.

For more off-season sightings check out the possible new Cannondale SuperSix Evo 4 that EF pros have been seen on this week...

> Is this the new Cannondale SuperSix Evo 4? Pro riders spotted on mysterious new road racing machine

05 January 2023, 15:19
Wout wins again

Water's wet, the Pope's a Catholic etc. etc.

That's Van Aert first, Van der Poel second. And another classic of the badly timed cycling photos genre...

05 January 2023, 14:20
More on Battersea's bike hub reader Rendel went to visit Battersea's new bike hub, shared on yesterday's live blog, and sent us this video of the confusing amount of pushbutton doors you have to negotiate if entering from the car park...

Just a reminder the total redevelopment cost £9 billion...

Oh, and if you aren't coming from the car park there's a lift, or this...

05 January 2023, 13:10
Cycling Tech News | The TOP 10 bike-tech news stories of 2022

05 January 2023, 12:52
Dame Sarah Storey, DCS Andy Cox and a whole bunch of whataboutery — reaction to our near miss feature

You might have seen we've put together an updated feature on submitting camera footage to police forces...

Near Miss of the Day 821

> Here's what to do if you capture a near miss, close pass or collision on camera while cycling

It was put together with the input of Detective Chief Superintendent Andy Cox whose full comments can be read here...

 Anyway, the piece prompted a fair bit of discussion...

And a wholly predictable bunch of whataboutery...

05 January 2023, 11:41
Kid's expletive-laden reaction to not getting a bike for Christmas

There's other stuff around this morning outside of Birmingham. We'd rather you don't take this one too seriously or pile into the comments to have a go at anyone involved...

Anyway, it's now internet famous and it can't be long before it pops up across the usual meme pages... 

05 January 2023, 10:32
Your thoughts

 To kick off our early comments round-up, SimoninSpalding sums up how we're all feeling this morning...

"Will you please stop putting links to the World Bollard Association Twitter feed in the live blog. It causes a significant reduction in productivity in this corner of Lincolnshire every time you do."

Car Delenda Est: "The bollards do seem to be on a shared path so I have concerns about whether they'd need to be spaced further for accessibility. But overall traffic calming and stopping pavement parking outside a school are a two for one. Just a shame they haven't done anything for the road itself."

Patrick9-32: "Delivery drivers have also been unable to park up and I hear parents have had difficulties too. That's literally the point you lukewarm cup of piss." *Makes a note of lukewarm cup of piss as an insult for future purposes...

hawkinspeter: "As much as bollards are the true heroes of road safety, I can't help but think that parking rule enforcement is the better answer. Install some ANPR cameras covering the area and keep on sending out fines in the post to the drivers."

And finally with a little language warning... JustTryingToGet...: "Birmingham Council should be more blunt. 'Sure it looks a bit mad, but it's better than a selfish prick killing a kid with their illegal parking. They don't give a fuck whether your kid lives or dies, but they do (sometimes) care about their vehicle paintwork. Therefore we're hopeful that this approach will succeed where other reasonable approaches have failed to get through their thick skulls'.

To which SimoninSpalding replied: "Do you work in marketing or the Diplomatic Service? If not you may have missed your calling!"

05 January 2023, 09:36

What's that across the junction? Of course... more bollards! Oh, and confirmation the fairly wide path running parallel to the A-road, and now bursting with bollards, is a shared-use path... (admittedly one you may not want to use)...

Birmingham bollard site (Google Maps)


05 January 2023, 09:25
"A place where dreams come true": World Bollard Association can't control its excitement...

Everyone's favourite bollard-repping blue bird app account is in heaven...

You're a niche interest group... but bollard fans, this week you rule the world... (well, a 50m stretch of Birmingham A-road to be precise)... 

That was fun. 

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