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Cyclist told to get on the cycle lane... by an ambulance driver; Driver carrying timber hits cyclist; Making of the Hope/Lotus bike; Man wanted on prison recall found cycling on A1M; FairFuel UK says PM has "Lycra-clad advisors" + more on the live blog

Tuesday's live blog is brought to you courtesy of Jack Sexty, with Simon MacMichael making some contributions later this evening...
04 August 2020, 15:22
Shocking footage shows West Midlands Ambulance driver telling cyclist to get on the cycle path

In the first clip uploaded by FrankleyMan, he claims that the driver of the ambulance to his right is "yelling at him" because he is not riding on the cycle path, which is on one of the new blue cycle routes in Birmingham. 

In the second clip, the cyclist can be heard saying: "It's not compulsory to use the cycle path", after which the driver of the ambulance can be heard saying: "If you'd have got hit on that road, whose fault would it have been?"

The cyclist is correct that it's not compulsory to use the cycle lane, and added that he chose not to use it because he was travelling between 25-30mph. West Midlands Ambulance Service replied: 

"Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will definitely follow this up. Clearly, you don't have to use the cycle path. As for whose fault it would be in an RTC would depend on the circumstances. Sorry about this and thanks again for bringing it to our attention." 

They also asked the cyclist to confirm the location and help in identifying the ambulance. Hopefully the driver is offered some serious retraining...

04 August 2020, 16:04
Sagan has been busy with the spray paint

Specialized has unveiled the latest Sagan collection with a range of bikes, shoes and helmets in this snazzy “Deconstructivism!” colour. The man is a fan of the glitter, it seems.

The range includes the S-Works Tarmac SL7 Di2 Sagan (£11,000), S-Works Tarmac SL7 Frameset Sagan (£4,000), S-Works Roubaix DI2 Sagan (£11,000), Allez Sprint Disc Frameset Sagan (£1,349), Evade II ANGI MIPS Sagan LTD (£240) and the S-Works 7 LTD Sagan 4 Shoes (£360).

04 August 2020, 15:44
Fairfuel UK's Howard Cox claims Prime Minister has "Lycra-clad advisors" in anti-cycling outburst published in the Daily Express

Somehow the fringe organisation's founder has had an editorial published in the Daily Express, claiming that the London Mayor "knows there are votes in Lycra" and that the Prime Minister has "Lycra-clad advisers". 

He also says: "Although only 3 percent of journeys nationally are made by bike, their special treatment is set to decimate small businesses, the self-employed, low income families and city economies.

"The PM's policy is a subsidy for the already well off middle class."

As far as we know cycling is infinitely more affordable than driving, but what do we know? FairFuel UK are now complaining about negative comments they have received over the article, saying: "As expected, all we get are insults from myopic cyclists who are simply anti drivers. Yes, cyclists drive & vice versa, but once & for all lets ALL COME TOGETHER for benefit of ALL road users not just the privilege aggressive minority who only want free to use cycle lanes." 

04 August 2020, 15:38
Egan Bernal wins La Route d'Occitanie

The Colombian is warming up for the Tour de France nicely, bagging the General Classification over the four-day race. He was joined on the podium by teammate Pavel Sivakov who finished second overall, and the final stage today was won by Benoit Cosnefroy of AG2R La Mondiale. 

04 August 2020, 15:00
OAP who had lip ripped off in collision wants to thank cyclist for helping him in aftermath
Riverview caravan park monitheith.PNG

The Dundee Evening Telegraph reports that John Tait was visiting his daughter's caravan at Riverview Park in Monifieth, when he was knocked out during a collision with a cyclist. Mr Tait said he was walking to his car on the path beside the caravan park at around 10pm, when he was hit from behind "out of the blue". 

The 83-year-old suffered a broken right humerus and his lip was torn off, which was reattached by a surgeon. Unable to recall the incident, Mr Tait says he was told the cyclist stayed with him after calling an ambulance, and also accompanied him to hospital. 

He added: “It was getting dark and I was wearing all dark clothing. This was partly all my own fault.

“I think he was pretty badly shaken up and possibly also hurt and I was told his bike was pretty mangled.

“Nonetheless he stayed with me and even came to the hospital with me. I used to be a racing cyclist and I know these bikes are expensive. I would love to speak to him.

“I really hope someone reads this and puts us in touch.”

04 August 2020, 14:27
Family ByCycle make some subtle alterations to Talkradio presenter's anti-cycling views

After getting into a spat with presenter Mike Graham following his controversial rants against cyclists last week, a member of Family ByCycle (a family who love to cycle of course) with editing skills has created this video which lightly doctors his choice of words.  

The Family ByCycle Twitter account said on 31st July that the family received abuse from a passing BMW driver, to which Graham said the parents should "maybe safeguard your children by not forcing them out into dangerous situations."

Today Graham has reverted back to more familiar territory on his Talkradio show, urging listeners to contact their MPs about numbers of illegal migrants being housed in their area following a "bombshell exclusive" interview with Nigel Farage on the subject; although he has took the time to put Cycling Mikey on his latest 'top 10 planks' list. 

04 August 2020, 13:41
Bradley Wiggins says Geraint Thomas would have won 2019 Tour de France if stage 19 hadn't have been shortened
The Bradley Wiggins Show (Eurosport)

Speaking on his latest podcast, Wiggins believes that Egan Bernal would have "cracked" if the stage wasn't abandoned due to landslides 20km from the finish on the Col de l'Iseran, and thinks that Geraint Thomas would have won then gone on to claim yellow. He also thinks the Welshman is still top dog going into this year's Tour.

He said:  "I think had we had the stage to Tignes completed last year, I think Bernal would have cracked and Geraint would have won the Tour that day.

"'Now you’d have to say, because Bernal was allowed to win the Tour de France last year, with Geraint as defending champion, the same should apply the other way around this year and Bernal is not granted that automatic right to defend the race.

"I actually think Geraint will win the Tour de France this year, no question about it, I don’t think there is an argument within that team."

Mani Arthur from the Black Cyclists Network was also a guest on the show, discussing the lack of diversity in cycling and ways to improve BAME representation in the sport. 

04 August 2020, 12:07
"Was the vehicle driving itself with no humans present?" Social media questions cops over post that says a cyclist was "hit by a vehicle"; as the truth appears to be very different

The Twitter account for the Squamish Royal Canadian Mounted Police force posted the above yesterday, urging drivers to provide cyclists with enough room when passing. This didn't tell the full story though, as the cyclist who was hit decided to reply to the post... 

It emerged that the driver who allegedly hit Todd Nickel was carrying a large amount of timber, with most of the load hanging off the side of pick-up that was transporting it. Shockingly but unsurprisingly, Mr Nickel claims he was hit - presumably by the timber - while the driver was travelling at 80km/h, and he broke eight ribs, his clavicle, his scapula and also punctured a lung. 

We don't need to fill you in on just how dangerous this was, and numerous people who replied to both Squamish RCMP and Mr Nickel said the description of the incident didn't quite match just how incredibly reckless the driver's actions were. Describing the ordeal as "f**king mad", Mr Nickel said he was simply "happy to be alive". 

04 August 2020, 10:33
Cycling UK partner with Network Rail to offer commuters advice on station bike storage
temple meads.jpg

The new initiative follows the government's £2 billion investment in cycling, and aims to help people take up cycling for travel and commuting. After a YouGov poll commissioned by Network Rail found that 15% of people were worried there wasn't enough bike storage at or near their place of work, tips on where people can park their bikes at Network Rail's 20 managed stations will be provided, plus information across each station and on their website about bike storage availability. 

The poll also found 49% were concerned about cycling on busy roads, so information on safer routes on quieter roads and access to an interactive journey planner from stations will be made available.  

Jenny Box, Cycling UK's Head of Behaviour Change, commented: “Cycling is one of the best ways to make your short essential journeys, such as riding to the station or shops. It’s fun, free, good for you and an easy way to maintain social distancing while still getting out and about.

“Together with Network Rail, Cycling UK wants to encourage more people to discover the simple joy of riding a bike and give them the skills to keep on cycling.”

Hopefully Cycling UK are confident bike storage off the trains is better that on them; in October last year, they slammed the bike storage facilities on Great Western Railway's new high-speed trains as "awful", as the upright design means many cyclists have found themselves unable to physically fit their bikes in the allotted spaces. Similar complaints have been made about bike spaces on LNER's newest trains, which like GWR's are made by Hitachi.

04 August 2020, 09:20
Hope release new video telling the story behind the Hope/Lotus track bike

The Hope/Lotus track bike would have debuted at the Olympic Games this week, but for obvious reasons Team GB's track cyclists will now take to the velodrome aboard the unique machines next summer. To mark the new extended journey, Hope have released the video above which explains the story behind the bike in more detail. It's revealed that the idea came over a cup of coffee, and we're also given a step-by-step look at how it's made from creating the mould through to layering the lacquer. Everything is designed and produced in the UK of course, and Hope say the whole process from concept through to the finished product took 7,005 hours. 

Separately, Lotus also shared an interesting blog post yesterday, comparing the new bike to the version Chris Boardman piloted to victory at the Barcelona Games in 1992. In it, Lotus' chief aerodynamicist Richard Hill says: "Back then it was simply about developing an aerodynamic bike that would go fast. But really there are two separate elements – the bike and the rider – which come together as one to move through the air. That was the approach we took with the new bike.

"Put simply, since 1992 we have learned how to use the bike’s design to make the rider more aerodynamic, and also vice-versa. What’s improved is our understanding of how to get a bike and its rider round the track together in the fastest possible time."

04 August 2020, 08:53
South Yorkshire Police discover man wanted on recall to prison cycling on the motorway

The cyclist had a trailer that said he was going to Dorset... but it appears he didn't get very far, as he was caught by the police on the A1M in South Yorkshire. The cyclist also reportedly told cops he would "carry on regardless", which was to no avail as he will now be transported back to prison. 

04 August 2020, 09:06
Israel Start-Up Nation sign Carl Fredrik Hagen "to support Froome at Grand Tours"

The team have already bagged a new domestique to support Chris Froome's Grand Tour goals in 2021 by landing the 28-year-old Norwegian from Lotto–Soudal.

Hagen said: "I’m looking for a role and an opportunity to achieve some good results in the GC and individual stages, as well as to support the team captains to success in the mountains.”

Will Hagen dazzle at his new team next year? 

04 August 2020, 08:27
This "extravagant" part cargo trike/part shopping trolley can be yours for just £1,413
cargo trike on etsy.PNG

Continuing our niche cycling product retail special this morning... ever wondered what a couple of old bikes combined with a shopping trolley would look like? Us neither, but a German inventor is selling this one-off (we hope it's a one-off) contraption for a grand total of £1,413.62 on Etsy

The description says: "The bike is very conspicuous and causes amazing looks! With seat at the front for a toddler and the shopping cart for purchases or other transports.

"The bike has a 3 gear circuit and various new parts. The battery-powered lighting for front and rear is also new!"

That's all very well, but as far as we can tell there appears to be no front brake. People on social media don't seem to be convinced of its merits either... 

Still want it? Well the seller says they would prefer pick-up from Germany, but you can always ship yourself which apparently costs £942.42... bargain!

04 August 2020, 08:20
Making cycling great again? Now you can buy a cycling jersey with Donald Trump's face on
donald trump jersey - via granny gear.PNG

"This could be, potentially, the greatest cycling jersey in the history of cycling jerseys", claim Granny Gear of their £29.99 monstrosity. It would make the perfect jersey for stopping off at a MAGA rally on your ride; although hopefully you won't push it too hard and hit the wall. 

We're tempted to get one just to see if it's made in China. Also, surely the colour should be orange?

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