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Frustrated breakaway contenders miss out on Giro d'Italia stage win after bizarre finale; Stop Killing Cyclists co-founder slams "entitlement" of complaining drivers; "Bycles" is no more; Your stupid cycling moments; Hi-vis + more on the live blog

Ah it's finally Friday...the weekend is a glorious eight hours away...all that's left now is to survive Dan Alexander's final live blog of the week...good luck.....
27 May 2022, 15:50
Lorena Wiebes wins opening stage of RideLondon Classique

Lorena Wiebes was the winner of the opening stage of the RideLondon Classique in Essex this afternoon. She beat world champion Elisa Balsamo and Emma Norsgaard to the line and takes the leader's jersey as a result. Tomorrow looks like another Essex sprint stage, before Sunday's central London circuit race. 

27 May 2022, 15:27
27 May 2022, 15:10
Frustrated breakaway contenders miss out on Giro d'Italia stage win after bizarre finale

From contending for a Giro d'Italia stage win to riding face first off the course in a matter of seconds...

Reporting from the finish area, Bradley Wiggins said there had been a few angry words exchanged between the breakaway riders after this bizarre end to today's stage. Approaching the sharp final bend, eventual stage winner Koen Bouwman accelerated past Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl's Mauro Schmid, narrowly avoiding his front wheel as they rounded the bend.

Giro stage 19 GCN/Eurosport

Schmid locked up, moving across into the path of Andrea Vendrame, who in turn dominoed towards Atilla Valter. The two unfortunate riders were sent straight towards a run off area, thankfully unbarriered, but were left extremely frustrated at having missed their chance. Schmid, Valter and Vendrame all crossed the line gesticulating their disgust...

This could be very interesting to keep an eye on...

In the GC group, once again, nothing changed...despite the attacking efforts of Richard Carapaz, Jai Hindley and Mikel Landa. Hindley and Carapaz are seperated by just three seconds ahead of tomorrow's final mountain stage...

27 May 2022, 16:45
What's all this then? goes riding in mysterious attire

A post shared by (

All shall be revealed next week! 

27 May 2022, 14:36
The content we've waited all week to see...
27 May 2022, 14:13
That didn't last long..."Bycles" warning is no more
No Bycles paint (Dougie Hay)

Shout out to reader Dougie for delivering the goods...

> "Did a car write this?": Bizarre anti-cycling paintwork warns 'no bycles' allowed

The bycles warning is no more..."the spelling bee champion is out to fix it" he reported live from the scene...

27 May 2022, 13:38

Local knowledge suggests there's a pretty testing 8 per cent gradient before the sharp bend, which might make things a little safer... 

27 May 2022, 13:06
Ba Dum Tss

> Tyre Extinguishers target SUVs on home turf of the ‘Chelsea Tractor’ 

27 May 2022, 13:01
Richie Porte abandons Giro d'Italia — final Grand Tour ends with illness

Richie Porte's final Grand Tour has ended, with an illness seeing the Ineos Grenadiers pro dropping out the race with 80km to go on stage 19. Eurosport and GCN+ on-motorbike reporter Sir Bradley Wiggins said he had seen the Australian throwing up, and shouted "gastro" to him — suggesting a stomach problem.

27 May 2022, 12:49
Cycling UK unveils new long distance cycling route through Kent

Cycling UK has launched its fifth route: 145 miles (234km) through Kent starting in the village of Wye, near Ashford. The loop was launched on Kent Day, yesterday, as part of Cycling UK's EXPERIENCE project and the Queen's Jubilee celebrations.

The Cantii Way is designed to be "a perfect introduction to multi-day cycling and can be ridden in one go over three to four days as it passes through Canterbury, Whitstable, Folkestone, Dover and Dungeness."

Cantii Way Cycling UK

"Using a combination of quiet ways, country lanes, byways and bridleways the route is designed to be manageable by anyone of reasonable fitness on most types of bike. Making use of part of the North Downs Way Riders’ Route that Cycling UK launched in 2018 in collaboration with Kent Downs AONB, the Cantii Way takes riders deep into Kent’s rich history, vibrant modern culture and natural beauty," Cycling UK says.

27 May 2022, 12:38
Time for some more of your most stupid cycling moments

Kapelmuur nominated a friend with some extraordinary tales of cycling stupidity: "This reminds me of an accident prone chap I met on a ride a few years ago. One of his collisions with a parked car resulted in him crashing through the rear window and landing in the back seat.

"He also got his front wheel stuck in a cattle grid and was catapulted over the bars, I couldn't work out how that was possible. His best was setting up rollers in his living room,  riding off the end of them, sweeping a clock, ornaments and photos off the mantelpiece and wrecking the coffee table he landed on.

"He has survived though, I still see his name on Strava."

nosferatu1001: "Cycling along a new path I've not been down before, looked back for a second to shout about how good a path it was, look back to see a hidden collapsed bit of path down into the river right in front of me. About 3 feet across and too close to avoid. Just managed to hook the front wheel up and kept speed up so it made the other side. Bit of a bump but otherwise ok.... Timing was immense."

PRSboy added another second-hand tale: "Back on the 'stupid things on bikes' theme, a friend was in a group in a sportive, when a bloke decided he'd remove his gilet, pro style, whilst pedalling along at 40kmh. All was apparently going well until he got the garment stuck on the left brake hood as he packed it up..."

27 May 2022, 12:12
Alessandro De Marchi visits his hometown during Giro d'Italia stage 19
27 May 2022, 12:00
Cycling is weird

Left the original tweet in so you can see your stage 19 breakaway — KOM jersey holder Koen Bouwman has to be the heavy favourite if it goes the distance. Teammate, and yesterday's second place, Edoardo Affini is on the front powering the miles away...

The break has nine and a half minutes with 105km to go...looking good for Jumbo-Visma... 

27 May 2022, 10:14
Stop Killing Cyclists co-founder slams "entitlement" of drivers complaining about 20mph speed limits during Good Morning Britain debate

Co-founder of Stop Killing Cyclists Donnachadh McCarthy was on Good Morning Britain this morning to take part in a debate about 20mph speed limits, which was framed as: "Are 20mph cameras a war on drivers?"

On the ITV morning show, McCarthy was making the case for the cameras, while broadcaster Edward Adoo argued there is "no logic" to 20mph cameras being live in the early hours of the morning when "there is no-one around". 

The 'debate' came after a 20mph camera in Plymouth detected more than 23,500 speeding drivers before it was officially switched on — including 1,100 in the first 24 hours alone.

McCarthy said Adoo's claim the cameras should be switched off during quieter times was "the voice of entitlement".

"We're listening to the voice of entitlement," he said. "He talks about families. What about the family of kids who are being killed? The idea that we put the idea of a £100 fine against saving lives is shocking to me. At night time there will be nurses coming home from the night shift. There'll be parents going to work on the Good Morning show."

At this point the host interrupts to make the point..."But they'll be in cars. They won't be at risk of being hit, one would imagine"...erm, right...okay...because nobody in a car has ever hit another vehicle...

Showing the patience of a saint, McCarthy corrects: "Sorry, they could crash into another driver. This is actually safety for everybody. The idea that we have not enforced 20mph zones is a disgrace. Five times more people will be killed at 30 (mph) than 20 (mph). Why have the police not enforced it up to now? This is good news for families, good news for kids."

27 May 2022, 11:07
There's racing closer to home today too

It's not just the Giro today. The Women's WorldTour peloton are rolling through the Essex countryside on stage one of the RideLondon Classique. 100km to go until the stage finish in Maldon: British champ Pfeiffer Georgi, world champ Elisa Balsamo and Lotte Kopecky are just three of the names competing.  

There's another stage in Essex tomorrow, before the central London circuit race finale on Sunday...

27 May 2022, 10:56 at the Giro
Giro 2022 riders - credit Ryan Mallon

Live blog favourite Ryan is on his honeymoon so, naturally, has taken the lucky lady to watch the Giro d', really...

Here are some of his snaps from yesterday's stage finish in Treviso...

Giro 2022 Fiorenzo Magni pink jersey 1 - credit Ryan Mallon
Giro 2022 fans - credit Ryan Mallon
Giro 2022 1934 Bianchi - credit Ryan Mallon
Giro 2022 fans - credit Ryan Mallon
Giro 2022 finish - credit Ryan Mallon


27 May 2022, 10:53
"Peak irony"
27 May 2022, 09:42
"Most drivers wait until the bike is sold": Toronto motorist smashes into bike shop

Even in the supposed safety of a retail establishment it seems bicycles are not safe from harm...

Toronto-based Sweet Pete's at least tried to see the funny side (if you don't laugh you'll cry, and all that)...

If only Sweet Pete's was using the cycle shop lane then none of this would have happened...

27 May 2022, 08:51
"The entire story is lengthy, but riding into the back of a Vauxhall Viva and causing my love plums to explode would be a particular low point": We have a new clubhouse leader... contributor Jo should have taken a horse to the shops...ask Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority if you have no idea what I'm talking about...

Brace yourselves for the most eye-watering reply I think I've ever put on the live blog...

On the funnier end of the scale...

Here on the live blog, you commenters have had your fair share...

Steve K said: "In the days when I thought it was ok to chuck banana skins into hedgerows, I tried to do exactly that with a good hard throw, whilst completely forgetting about Newton's Third Law, and only just managed to keep the bike upright."

Rendel Harris commented: "Most stupid moment on a bike: coming off the Col de Madone on a hire bike, having pompously drilled into Mrs H ad nauseam that they were a continental setup with the front brake on the left, leaning it into the first hairpin, overcooking it slightly and promptly forgetting myself, grabbing a handful of what I thought was front brake and going into a big sideways drift as the back wheel locked up. Managed to get it upright just in time for Mrs H to coast by on my inside, murmuring, 'Forgot, did we?'."

Keep 'em coming...

27 May 2022, 08:17
24 hours is a long time on Twitter...Peter McKinnon changes his tune

Yesterday, Peter McKinnon asked: "Question. Why do cyclists think they’re vehicles?" and got the educational response you'd expect...

By the evening he'd changed his tune...

27 May 2022, 07:44
"Miracle I'm still alive": Most stupid moment you've ever had on a bike?

Let the floodgates open...

Hmmm, the difficult thing for me is deciding which one counts as most stupid...

There was the busy commute unclipping fail, but that was more a result of stubbornly avoiding buying new cleats until the old ones couldn't...well, unclip...

Somehow getting a ball bearing in my frame is up there too...that's a rattle that's hard to get rid of...

Or how about as a very young kid, having just learnt how to ride a bike without stabilisers when I decided trying to cycle with my eyes closed would be a good idea...*narrator: "It was not a good idea"*...our neighbour's hedge never was the same again...

Come on, don't be shy... get your most stupid cycling moment in the comments...we promise not to laugh too much...

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