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How not to park: Tesco delivery driver just misses cyclist; Why don't cyclists use cycle lanes, No. 9,473; Eight miles of closed central London roads; Milan-San Remo anticipation (Van der Poel starts); Dowsett's pre-race nerves + more on the live blog

It's Friday and Dan Alexander will be trying his best to deliver something vaguely coherent on Friday's live blog (cut him some slack, yesterday was St Patrick's Day)...
18 March 2022, 16:45
Your Milan - San Remo winner is...

Drumroll please...

Live blog poll result


18 March 2022, 15:50
New cycle routes planned for Plymouth
Plymouth (Image cc licensed from Flickr user bobchin1941)

The Plymouth Herald is reporting a consultation on the city's Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan has been launched, with four new routes being consulted on.

Cllr Jonathan Drean, cabinet member for transport said: "We were delighted that more than 700 people responded to the 2021 Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan consultation last summer and we’d really welcome residents’ thoughts on the 2022 routes as well. The comments received on the 2021 Plan helped shape the final proposals for the routes and we’re sure that users of these four new routes will have invaluable insights to help make cycling easier as well.

"We are committed to investing in walking and cycling and know this is important to you as well, with over four out of five respondents to the 2021 consultation agreeing that it was either extremely or very important to promote walking and cycling within Plymouth. The LCWIP will help inform future investment in walking and cycling infrastructure."

18 March 2022, 15:49
Forget the 290km...this is the real Milan - San Remo challenge...


18 March 2022, 15:27
"This is a colleague announcement, there's a cyclist in aisle 6..."

No noise from Tesco yet about today's main story on the live blog...

The suspense is killing me...

18 March 2022, 14:26
Lincolnshire Police and Keele Uni to explore dash cam tech to improve road safety

Lincolnshire Police and Keele University have received £150k funding from The Road Safety Trust to explore how ‘Dash Cam’ technology can be used to reduce road offending and improve road safety. 

The Road Safety Trust, dedicated to achieving zero deaths and serious injuries on UK roads, awarded over £1million of funding for technology-focussed road safety projects through its main theme grants in 2021. 

By working with Police Forces across the UK and a variety of road users, this project will establish how using dash cam footage can be utilised to contribute to road safety and provide guidance on the consistent handling of it. 

Andy Cox, Detective Chief Superintendent, Head of Crime at Lincolnshire Police said: "In the UK, five people on average die in a road crash every single day. Road death is preventable and therefore we do not have to accept this devastation.

"The police cannot solve this alone and must work collaboratively with partners to reduce road danger. Additionally, we need the public’s support and this project seeks to evaluate the impact of enabling the public to report road crime via dashcam, headcam or a similar method. 

"The police cannot be everywhere all of the time but the public can be and therefore I am confident this crucial work will identify the many benefits and further improve our approach in this area.

"I am excited to work with and support Keele University in undertaking the project and hugely grateful to The Road Safety Trust for its funding which has made this possible. In time, I believe the results will help understanding in this vital area and, as such, be an important component in eradicating road danger and making our roads safe." 

18 March 2022, 14:20
Caleb Ewan out of Milan - San Remo through illness

Bad luck if you're voting for Caleb Ewan in our 'who wins San Remo poll...the two-time runner-up is out of the race through illness, his team has confirmed.

Expressing his disappointment, Ewan said: "I am disappointed that I am not able to take the start. I was in good form and ready for a hard race, but like many riders, I faced a stomach flu at the worst time. Together with the team we had to decide that it is better to now focus on different goals."

18 March 2022, 13:11
POLL: Put your money where your mouth is — who wins Milan - San Remo?

Poll Creator

18 March 2022, 12:59
Alex Dowsett's pre-race nerves

In fairness, I'd get dropped in the neutral start...

Mathieu van der Poel, on the other hand, seems to be treating the 290km Monument as a training session... 

So...50km three-up break? Van der Poel, Van Aert and Pog? 

18 March 2022, 11:15
'Twas the night before San-Remo...

Sam Bennett won't be on the startline in Milan tomorrow, he's sick, but most of the other stars will...Wout van Aert, Tadej Pogačar, Caleb Ewan, Mathieu van der Poel, Tom Pidcock, Filippo Ganna, Primož Roglič...take your pick...who wins? How?

I'll go Wout van Aert sprinting from a small group...hardly putting my neck on the line, I know...

18 March 2022, 10:56
Eight miles of closed central London roads — RideLondon FreeCycle returns after two-year absence
RideLondon Freecycle (picture credit TfL)

RideLondon FreeCycle is back, returning to eight miles of closed central London roads on Sunday 29 May. Aimed at families and riders of all abilities, the traffic-free route passes many of London’s most famous streets and iconic landmarks including:

   - Bank of England
   - Guildhall Yard
   - Holborn Viaduct
   - London Eye
   - Piccadilly
   - Pall Mall
   - Somerset House
   - Southbank
   - St Paul’s Cathedral
   - Strand
   - Trafalgar Square
   - Waterloo Bridge
   - Westminster Bridge
   - Victoria Embankment

The day starts at 10.00, finishing at 15.00 and includes four Festival Zones at Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Waterloo Place, Guildhall Yard and St Paul’s Churchyard and Paternoster Square. 

Hugh Brasher, Event Director of RideLondon, said: "RideLondon FreeCycle is a unique day. It’s wonderful and uplifting to see London’s most famous streets handed over to bicycles with riders of all ages and backgrounds on all sorts of different bikes enjoying traffic-free roads."

You can sign-up to the event here...

18 March 2022, 10:50
Why don't cyclists use cycle lanes, No. 9,473

Another classic for the folder.... 

18 March 2022, 09:06
How not to park: Tesco delivery driver just misses cyclist

'Every little helps' presumably refers to how much extra space you should give this Tesco delivery driver whacking the van into a space, regardless of the cyclist waiting to ride off.

"My bike is on the road, I’m about to mount and move off. Your driver wants to park where I am so he just pretends I’m not there. Unbelievable," the rider explained after this incident in Teddington yesterday morning.

Reporting supermarket drivers is a bit hit-and-miss, pardon the pun, with another rider predicting either no response or an all-too-public 'ask you to DM us' to get the angry mob off their back...

We've covered our fair share of dodgy delivery driving in our time...

> "That's a human being" - Chris Boardman slams Sainsbury's response to close pass video

In 2017, a cyclist sued Tesco for more than £100,000 after a delivery driver allegedly drove into and then over her in London.

Kate McElroy was riding to work in December when the driver pulled out in her path at the junction of Southwark Bridge Road and Great Guildford Street.

McElroy was knocked to the ground and went under the van. The driver is said to have driven over her, crushing her pelvis.

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