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Jeremy Vine says near miss was “closest I've come to dying on my bicycle”; Tour of Antalya calamity; Cav chalks up first victory of 2022; Why not walk or cycle? Because you ripped out the bike lane!; What’s a ‘carsplainer’? + more on the live blog

It’s Friday! Ryan Mallon kicks off today in the live blog hotseat, before Jack Sexty takes over in the afternoon to ease you into the weekend
11 February 2022, 15:42
UCI slammed after Tour of Antalya peloton forced to avoid police roadblock

Don't think this was part of the course? Somehow race organisers didn't manage to communicate that something was clearly occurring up ahead, and an oblivious peloton just about managed to steer itself over a grass verge and onto the other side of the road to avoid a major pile-up. 

A cheeky impromptu gravel section or simply an organisational cock-up of the highest order? We reckon this just about sums up what happened during the route planning for this stage... 

11 February 2022, 15:38
Instant karma from Down Under

This Aussie cyclist was miffed to have to stop for a driver turning left into a side road, despite the pretty clear 'no left turn' arrow. 

As you'll see from the rear camera in the second half of the clip, it looks like they were dealt with by an officer in the right place at the right time.

The poster added: "Unfortunately this enforcement is very sporadic and doesn't scale very well. That road goes to the freeway, so the cop can't just turn back and quickly do it again. They need to do a big loop so tend to only do it once or twice a day, probably at the end of their shift on the way back to the station." 

11 February 2022, 15:18
More reaction to Jeremy Vine's shocking footage

The broadcaster's footage doesn't at first look like one of the worst pieces of driving we've seen in our Near Miss of the Day series over the years - but from behind it makes for particularly troubling viewing. 

Another of Vine's recent recordings has been pulled from Twitter as the police are now involved. Hopefully they catch up with the driver in the above clip too... 

11 February 2022, 14:49
Why all the Highway Code fake news? Catch up with the Podcast

On episode 18 we're chatting those all important Highway Code changes, and Mat gets to nerd out on cycling shoes with Alex Malone of Bont. 

Simon also talks to Tim Lennon of the Richmond Cycling Campaign, who talks about the bizarre media coverage after this shocking video of a close pass on his daughter did the rounds on Twitter:

Catch up with the episode over here

11 February 2022, 14:27
Why don't cyclists use the cycle lane? Because it got ripped out, that's why
cycle lane removal sign bolton - credit Henry Lisowski

This tongue-in-cheek addition to a sign encouraging Bolton locals to walk and cycle is in referenced to the region's underwhelming active travel campaign, after a widened cycle lane with wands segregating it was removed from Chorley New Road after it proved unpopular with angry residents/people who want to drive everywhere. 

According to the Bolton News, the original sign was put in around the time the segregated cycle lane was installed with cash from the Emergency Active Travel scheme, that saw extra cycling and walking provisions built across the country as part of the pandemic response. 

Unfortunately this one was an example of on that was ripped out due to a backlash, such as the Old Shoreham Cycle Lane in Hove. The council says it doesn't intend to reinstall the cycle lane despite the sign suggesting at least one resident thinks the removal is somewhat contradictory. 

Cllr Andy Morgan told Bolton News: "Following the consultation in regards to the cycle lanes on Chorley Old Road, we removed the orca wands in light of what the majority of the public wanted.

"We weren't going to go back on doing it after people pushed for it to be removed.

"We encourage people to still cycle because cycle lanes are still there and are a lot bigger.

"The orca wands blocked the roads when turning right and cause a lot of traffic congestion.

"I have laughed about the sign though, which is quite comical."

Almost as comical as your active travel scheme, Cllr Morgan... 

Photo: Henry Lisowski

11 February 2022, 14:07
Smartphone-controlled 'Bicycle Storage Pods' unveiled at New York's Grand Central Terminal to encourage cycling

If you're one of a lot of cyclists who has fallen victim to theft or vandalism when leaving your bike unattended at lacklustre facilities at your local train station, you might be looking on in envy at these new bike pods installed at Grand Central in New York. 

Janno Leiber, the chair of New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority, says the pods will help encourage commuters to consider making that "last mile connection" by bike rather than using less efficient transportation. 

The pods appear to have racks for multiple bikes, and users unlock it with their smartphone. Let's hope no particularly enterprising thieves decide to sign up and take their pick from what's inside... 

11 February 2022, 12:21
How’s this for a bunnyhop, Mathieu?

Or should that be an alligator-hop?

11 February 2022, 12:04
French teams secure final Tour de France wildcard spots

It seems to get earlier and earlier each year, but it’s that time already – the final two wildcard invitations to the 2022 Tour de France have been awarded!

And to the great surprise of many, two French teams – TotalEnergies and B&B Hotels p/b KTM – have filled the remaining non-WorldTour slots in the 22-team Tour peloton. Pro-Conti Alpecin-Fenix and Arkéa-Samsic were already automatically confirmed as wildcards owing to their position in the UCI rankings.

TotalEnergies, who have raced their home grand tour every year since 2000, were strengthened over the winter with the arrival of Peter Sagan, while Franck Bonnamour and new signing Alexis Gougeard will be under pressure to deliver for a now Bryan Coquard-less B&B Hotels.

Though the selection of two French squads by Tour organisers ASO is hardly a shock, some pundits and fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment that Uno-X missed out on a starting berth at cycling’s biggest race.

The Norwegian team has eight Danish riders on its roster and, with the Tour’s Grand Départ taking place in Copenhagen this year, was targeting a spot on the start line after a strong 2021. As a consolation prize, ASO has invited Uno-X to June’s Critérium du Dauphiné, the traditional Tour warm-up race.

11 February 2022, 11:36
Very accurate…
11 February 2022, 11:17
Cav takes debut win of 2022 in Oman – does the road to 35 begin here?

That didn’t take long, did it?

After being thwarted by Fernando Gaviria in yesterday’s opening stage of the Tour of Oman, Mark Cavendish made sure that lightning didn’t strike twice, taking his first win of 2022 – and the 157th professional victory of his career – with what appeared to be a convincing victory on stage two.

I say ‘what appeared to be’ because – apart from a short video taken on the line by journalist Sophie Smith – we didn’t actually see any of the stage. While the helicopter missed the shot of the finish line yesterday, today it missed the entire race, meaning there was no live footage available for us online diehards.

Still a win’s a win, whether it’s on TV or not, and Cavendish will be pleased that his form appears to be on track as he attempts to convince QuickStep-Alpha Vinyl boss Patrick Lefevere to pick him for what could be a very historic Tour de France.

The omens look good: today’s stage in Oman was the Manx Missile’s earliest win since 2018 (or 2013, if you go by number of race days) and, with Gaviria finishing fourth on the day, means Cavendish takes over the race leader’s jersey.

The road to 35 might well now be under way – it’s just a pity barely anyone could see the beginning of it…

11 February 2022, 10:29
Jeremy Vine says high speed near miss was “the closest I've come to dying on my bicycle”

Just when you thought a taxi driver throwing a glass bottle at a cyclist would be the worst thing Jeremy Vine caught on camera this month…

The pedalling presenter’s commute to work, now captured on his 360 helmet cam, has acquainted him with many a dodgy driver over the past decade.

However, this near miss from yesterday morning, Vine says, is “the closest I've come to dying on my bicycle since I started cycling in London ten years ago”.

The footage – which is particularly shocking when viewed from the back – captures a driver speeding past a lorry in a 20mph zone as they approach Vine in the same lane. The motorist, who only seems to spot the broadcaster at the last second, dramatically swerves, narrowly avoiding both Vine and the lorry.

According to the Radio 2 presenter, this alarming near miss “shows that you can die without doing a single thing wrong, or ever knowing what hit you.”

11 February 2022, 09:41
‘Carsplaining’ – think it’ll catch on?

We all know a particular kind of motorist, the one who usually pops up in the Daily Mail comments section or on talk radio to pontificate about how cyclists are always breaking red lights, riding 73-abreast, not paying road tax, and generally causing a menace on our roads and frightening defenceless, law-abiding car drivers.

Well, thanks to active travel campaigner Adam Bronkhorst, we now have a handy catch-all term for these motorists – ‘carsplainers’ (although I’m sure you could think of a few other terms).

According to Bronkhorst’s definition on Urban Dictionary, carsplaining is “when someone who never rides a bike explains road safety to cyclists”.

His example sentence is pretty spot on: “He doesn't ride a bike but said, in true 'carsplaining' fashion, that 'all cyclists need to do to be safe on the roads and avoid any 'accidents' is to follow the Highway Code'.”

It seems Adam’s definition immediately pushed the buttons of a few carsplainers:

Others suggested helpful additions to his example sentence (presumably taken from the Big Book of Cycling Bingo beloved by readers):

Think it’ll catch on? And what other examples can you think of for carsplaining?

Ryan joined as a news writer in December 2021. He has written about cycling and some ball-centric sports for various websites, newspapers, magazines and radio. Before returning to writing about cycling full-time, he completed a PhD in History and published a book and numerous academic articles on religion and politics in Victorian Britain and Ireland (though he remained committed to boring his university colleagues and students with endless cycling trivia). He can be found riding his bike very slowly through the Dromara Hills of Co. Down.

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