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Frustration at "non-existent" customer service as Cycle Pal website disappears and no sign of orders arriving

Amid numerous reports of buyers' items not arriving, the cycling tools brand's website has closed, with customers left in the dark...

Cycle Pal, the Cheshire-based cycling tool brand best known for its unique tyre seating aid, has left numerous recent customers frustrated and out of pocket after its website seemingly disappeared without warning. Customers are reporting that their orders have not arrived, and that they are unable to contact the company that claims to offer "top level do-it-yourself cycling tools at a reasonable price". 

The company's Shopify page is no longer online, with visitors to the website met with an error page and a message stating: 'Sorry, this store is currently unavailable'. was contacted by one customer who ordered a pair of the tyre-seating tools two weeks ago when the website was still live.

Cycle Pall (Shopify)

"The money was taken through Shopify," the customer told us. "But there is no sign of the tools... it said two to three-day delivery and they'd let me know when it was. Now you can't access their website. I've emailed but heard nothing."

And reviews from customers on Trustpilot have raised similar concerns, Cycle Pal's rating plummeting amid negative reviews from those whose orders have not been fulfilled.

"Did not deliver. Do not order from this company," one reviewer warned in the first week of December, another from November saying they "can't recommend anyone buys from here".

"Despite the poor reviews I ordered two tyre levers from Cycle Pal... two weeks later and still not delivered, some lame excuse about low levels of orders and [that they] have sent out, but they clearly haven't. Asked for refund which they've agreed to but would have rather had the products. Can't recommend anyone buys from here."

The reviews picture suggests customers have had issues throughout 2023, James Barrington-Hunt saying he had been left "£19 down" after his items never arrived and "they have completely ignored" any communication.

Another customer, who bought a disc brake aligner tool in May, said the company's customer service was "non-existent", with calls and emails going unanswered.

"I ordered an item from Cycle Pal, it hasn't been sent and they have not responded to my enquiry on their website. They wasted no time taking my money however," a review from October says.

Another customer review from February states: "Cycle Pal is a terrible company that should be avoided. Bought the Cycle Pal seating tool that makes claims for toughest tyres with many reviews. Mine buckled on first attempt. Customer service does not exist."

Following weeks of trying, this buyer said they eventually got a refund, "but would not have without the backing of PayPal".

"Do not purchase anything, if you do, don't expect any customer service and ignore reviews [...] don't waste your money, time or effort!" Pauline Atkinson concluded.

Cycle Pal's social media has been inactive since 2021 and received no reply to requests for comment.

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atlaz | 6 months ago

How was that tyre lever unique? I've got one in the toolbox that I got from bike-discount 4 or 5 years ago due to some particularly painful to fit challenge strade tyres. 

mark1a replied to atlaz | 6 months ago

I was just thinking that, I've got a Kool Stop branded one.

Wingguy replied to mark1a | 6 months ago

mark1a wrote:

I was just thinking that, I've got a Kool Stop branded one.

Challenge have sold the same one with their name on for ages, BBB have one and I'm sure plenty of others. If Cycle Pal have been trying to trick journalists and consumers into thinking they'd actually innovated something then it's not a great sign that they were ever an ethical or trustworthy company in the first place.

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