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Brighton Council reassures residents after naked bike riders spotted on rental bikes

"We hope our ride made the people that participated as well as those that watch us rode past feel empowered"...

Brighton and Hove council has reassured locals that all rental bikes used by riders during the Naked Bike Ride were cleaned 'appropriately'. 

Hundreds of eager, nude cyclists saddled up and rode through Brighton last Sunday as part of the Naked Bike Ride.

The cyclists decorated their bikes during the protest ride and rode around the seaside town, joined by clothed officers from Sussex Police.

However, The Brighton Argus reports that some residents were a little concerned after seeing naked bodies on rented bikes. 

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Conservative transport spokesman Robert Nemeth said: "I was a little surprised to see keen cyclists using public bikes in the Naked Bike Ride this year.

"It would probably be advisable to bring strong wipes if using these bikes over the next few days.”

Another person said: "Absolutely disgusting using a rental bike, hope you cleaned the saddle afterwards". 

Some people were slightly more appreciative of the ride's good intentions however, with one person commenting: "Cool to see the Brighton naked bike ride n all but I’ll never look at the rental bike seats the same way again.'

Brighton and Hove City Council, which is a partner in the BTN Bikeshare scheme, but does not run the service, has reassured residents the bikes were cleaned.

A spokesman said: "BTN Bikeshare was very aware of the recent Naked Bike Ride and took appropriate cleaning actions.

“BTN Bikeshare also has a dedicated cleaning team which has focused on cleaning all contact points on bikes at every hub throughout the summer."

Posting on Twitter after the event, the organisers of the ride said: "We hope our Sunday ride made the people that participated as well as those that watch us rode past feel empowered. 

"Empowered to do something about climate change. Empowered to cycle more and feel you have the right to be on the road and feel safe.

"Empowered to challenge the beauty stereotypes. Empowered to be yourself and be different and not just blend in and conform."

First held in Seattle in 2003, with the debut edition in London taking place the following year, the World Naked Bike Ride is now held in more than 120 cities around the world.

Its objectives are to: Protest against the global dependency on oil, Curb car culture, Obtain real rights for cyclists, Demonstrate the vulnerability of cyclists on city streets and Celebrate body freedom.

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