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Brewdog CEO shatters collarbone in "25mph" mountain bike crash

Brewdog boss James Watt fell during a shareholder off-road event in the Scottish Highlands

Brewdog CEO James Watt was taken to hospital by paramedics after shattering his collarbone in a high-speed crash while mountain biking in Scotland.

The brewing boss was leading a shareholder mountain bike tour near Aviemore in the Cairngorms National Park when he fell on a bend, the Scottish Sun reporting Watt was riding at around 25mph at the time.

 Writing on social media, Watt said he will undergo surgery on Friday to "put my shoulder back together".

"Unfortunately I shattered my collar bone whilst mountain biking with Equity Punks [shareholders] in the Lost Forest at the weekend," he wrote.

"Thanks to everyone who attended helped us plant the first trees in the Lost Forest. I will be having surgery on Friday to put my shoulder back together."

The CEO had said the ride would not be "intense or challenging", with the Sun reporting other riders were forced to end the route early due to the tough terrain.

"The cycle was definitely more challenging than we had thought and this will be reflected in the comms for next time," Watt said.

"We will take all the other bits of feedback on-board too."

The event was at Brewdog's £9 million Highlands estate where the company has pledged to plant more than a million trees to attempt to compensate their greenhouse gas emissions.

Back in 2018 Brewdog launched a cycling club, The Brewdog Chain Gang, which drew criticism from some of its global audience due to connotations with slavery.

> Brewdog criticised for calling its new cycling club a "chain gang"

Commenting on the Brewdog Chaingang, a spokesman said: "We named our cycling club Chain Gang as a nod to the well-known and often used term in the cycling community referring to a group of cyclists riding in lines behind a leader, allowing for a slipstream effect.

"It's a commonly used turn of phrase in cycling and thousands of cycling clubs, races and organisations around the world use it within their names.

"The launch has been really well received with over 1,600 people signing up to create over 150 new cycling chapters in more than 20 different countries, achieving our goal of bringing together like-minded beer and cycling enthusiasts."

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bobbinogs | 1 year ago
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Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

Fignon's ghost | 1 year ago

I suspect the many will carefully appreciate the tangible pain experienced during this ding.
Schadenfreude is a horrible thing.

srchar | 1 year ago

Haha, he's got a bed pan on his head as a hat, oh my aching sides.

Dogless replied to srchar | 1 year ago

It's so no one can tell he's balding. None of us noticed, right? He's still cool and down with the kids.

Car Delenda Est | 1 year ago


AlsoSomniloquism | 1 year ago

I wonder if he cut corners on health and safety and caused a toxic enviroment when he crashed?

chrisonabike replied to AlsoSomniloquism | 1 year ago

I wouldn't wish harm on anyone ... but I'm just imagining a forest critter jumping out in front and causing a fall.  The squirrels' revenge - although apparently the stoats have more reason for grudge.

brooksby replied to AlsoSomniloquism | 1 year ago

You beat me to it - haven't there been some stories about a 'problematic' corporate culture at Brewdog...?

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