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The Brewdog Chain Gang – beer brand launches cycling club

Go for a ride and then have a beer – there are worse ways to spend your time

Brewdog has launched a series of social cycling clubs operating from a number of its bars. Seemingly well aware that use of the word ‘epic’ is mandatory in these situations, The Brewdog Chain Gang is described as, “a global cycling club that uses craft beer bars as club houses and cold beer as reward for an epic day in the saddle.”

So far, there are ‘chapters’ operating from Brewdog bars in Aberdeen, Birmingham, Dundee, Edinburgh, Ellon, Norwich, Reading and York, plus a couple further afield in Calgary and San Sebastian.

"There has always been a natural crossover between craft beer fans and cycling fans," Brewdog co-founder James Watt told BikeBiz.

"Our fans who are avid cyclists have been using Brewdog bars as unofficial Clubhouses for years. With Brewdog Chain Gang, we wanted to turn it up a gear by helping our community unite their two passions."

Here’s a short video. You’ll notice that there is of course Brewdog Chain Gang merch (they even do a musette).

You can join via the Brewdog Chain Gang Strava page and if there isn’t a club operating from your local bar, they’re looking for experienced cyclists to lead rides, so you can apply to set one up.

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