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Annemiek van Vleuten celebrates after mistakenly thinking she won Olympic gold

She crossed the line 1 minute and 15 seconds behind the actual winner...

Annemiek van Vleuten celebrated mistakenly thinking she had won an Olympic gold medal as she finished in second place.

She rode across the line at the Olympic road race in Tokyo with her arms in the air, however Austria's Anna Keisenhofer had already soloed to victory 1 minute and 15 seconds earlier.

Riders in the Olympic's cannot communicate with their team and directors via radios and it appears van Vleuten and her teammates were simply not aware that the Austrian was still up the road.

> Anna Kiesenhofer wins surprise gold in 'stunning' Tokyo Olympic road race

Van Vleuten wasn’t the only rider confused by the race situation, with Lizzie Deignan telling the BBC that she also thought van Vleuten had taken the gold medal. 

Hardly any riders in the peloton appeared to realise that Keisenhofer had won with Danish rider Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig one of the only riders pictured congratulating her.

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