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Airstreeem reveal new wheels range

Austrian brand offers new models for 2014

Austrian brand Airstreeem have revealed their 2014 wheel lineup which they say is their most groundbreaking to date.

The wheels in the Carbon Aero Series feature a nano-coating on the braking surfaces that Airstreeem say is unique. This coating, they claim, results in shorter braking distances and improved heat dissipation compared to other wheels on the market. We’ve not used Airstreeem wheels here on so we can’t comment on the effectiveness, but Airstreeem report that the coating provides:

• A wheel braking temperature of 90°C when braking from 37mph – 173°C less than standard carbon fibre (obviously in standardised conditions).

• A stopping distance in the wet that is 33m less than standard carbon fibre from a speed of 37mph (again, in standardised conditions).    

As the name suggests, the new Carbon Aero 50 Clinchers are 50mm deep. They’re 24.5mm wide and Airstreeem give a weight of 1,430g (680g front, 750g rear). While we’re on the stats, there’s a maximum rider weight limit of 90kg (14st 2lb) here. The hubs are Airstreeem’s own while the spokes are very highly respected CX-Rays from Sapim – the straight-pull variety. These are designed to be competition wheels and they’re priced at £1,499 the pair.

The tubular version (£1,199) is a little lighter, as usual, Airstreeem giving the weights at 580g (f) and 750g (r) – a total of 1,330g. The maximum user weight is higher at 100kg (15st 10lb).

The Carbon Aero 50 Superlight tubulars are the same in rim dimensions, and they use the same hub and spokes, but they’re lighter. Essentially, Airstreeem use less carbon here. Airstreeem quote weights of 540g (f) and 680g (r), giving a total wheelset weight of just 1,220g.  Like the clinchers, they’re priced at £1,499.

It’s not all carbon, though: Airstreeem have four aluminium clincher models including the £499 AL20 Black Edition wheelset. These come with 20mm-deep alloy rims, Airstreeem’s own hubs and Sapim spokes. Intended as training wheels, they’re reasonably light at 1,420g (630g f, 790g r)

Airstreeem products are hand-assembled in Austria and the new wheel range is covered by Airstreeem’s two-year crash replacement service. All of these wheels will be available in December at

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Littleorchard1 | 10 years ago

Ermmm. Austrian not Australian!,,

Karbon Kev | 10 years ago

oh here we go, an Aussie company claiming to be first at a 'revolutionary' braking surface, hmmmmm ..... ever heard of Mavic, guys?

allez neg | 10 years ago

I can't afford and don't need 1.5k wheels, but I'm ok with people who can / do.

Surely though, unless that sort of money is chickenfeed relative to income, you'd be terrified of every puddle and pothole in case you dinged them, unless the crash replacement scheme is very generous. I dinged a Crossmax on a swift xc descent in Morzine back in 1999 and I'm still not fully over it..........

I wonder if the local authorities / highways people have seen a rise in claims for written off rims thanks to white roads?

jarredscycling | 10 years ago

some interesting color graphics on the sides there

DaveE128 | 10 years ago

I wonder how many standardised stops from 37mph this nano-coating lasts for?  39

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