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Cyclist launches website to save lives

Road Guardian to share info on worldwide cycling trouble spots

Wouldn’t it be nice to know which roads were best to avoid when going for a ride on your bike? Or maybe which roads seemed to have a greater number of motorists who harassed cyclists. Well that's the aim of new website

The website for reporting, marking and sharing the geo-locations for cycling incidents and trouble spots was launched today in the hope that such information saves lives, and is the first site where cyclists can report and make other cyclists aware of anything worldwide, and it is a free service too.

It was launched in Florida, and avid cyclist and developer and founder of Joe Mizereck hopes that cyclists, bike clubs, towns, cities, states and countries will embrace this tool and make it a part of their cycling cultures.
Joe said: "It's all about saving lives. Making cycling safer can encourage non-cyclists to give the sport a try. As more people appreciate and enjoy cycling, we improve safety for everyone."

He also encourages cyclists to visit the site to see what places in their towns could require more vigilance and to begin sharing their cycling experiences.

Sharing space on the roads is becoming hazardous everywhere and the growing number of cyclists must find ways to protect themselves. One of the keys to riding safely is knowing your routes and the conditions surrounding them, and this is where can help.

It will feature information such as:

* Where have cyclists experienced "close calls"?
* Where have cyclists been hit and injured?
* Where have cyclists been killed?
* Where have dogs chased cyclists?
* Where are the pot holes located?
* Where have cyclists been harassed by motorists?

With the majority of cycling crashes going unreported, knowing the answers to these and other related questions will help cyclists become smarter and safer on their rides. And the site isn't just about allowing cyclists to avoid problem areas, but about targeting those areas for action.

The site's value is dependent upon cyclists taking the time to report and share their experiences: close calls, collisions, deaths, pot holes, harassment, etc. Currently, the site has incidents reported in: United States, Australia, Canada, Belarus, Ireland, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Philippines and Singapore. The site will be translated into numerous languages in the months ahead. is an initiative of Safe Cycling, LLC and is focused on making riding a bicycle safe and fun.

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