"Maniac" in Range Rover knocks Derbyshire man off bike, police still seeking witnesses...

Derbyshire Constabulary are investigating an incident on Sunday August 11 in which cyclist Mark Canning says he was deliberately knocked off his bike by the driver of a green Range Rover.

Mr Canning sustained a broken hand and serious damage to his bike, but it could easily have been far worse.

He gave his own account of the crash on his wife Elise’s Facebook page. Her picture of him in hospital and appeal for help finding the driver has been shared over 12,000 times.

Mr Canning writes: “On Sunday 11August at approx 11.30 am I was deliberately knocked off my bike by a man driving an old green Range Rover on the A6 near Whatstandwell, between Cromford and Amber Gate.

“The driver took objection to me shaking my head at him in his mirror after he pulled out in front of me, just before Whatstandwell Bridge, causing me to break heavily to avoid hitting him.

“After twice getting out of the car to run at me across the road he decided to use the vehicle to hit me rather than his fists.”

He told the BBC: “At this point I thought, ‘This guy is a maniac, I need to get off the road.’ I was thinking about a lay-by a bit further down where there’s a burger van and quite often bikers, to try and get in there for a bit of assistance.

“But, before I knew it I’ve been knocked off, he has clipped me from the side.

“I have suffered multiple road rash, bruised shoulder and sternum and a broken hand, as well as £400 of damage to my bike.”

The driver is described as “of a large build and in his late 50s/60s with grey hair, there was also a woman in the car at the time with grey hair.”

Elise Canning said on her Facebook page: “Someone out there must know the person who did this to my husband.

“This road rage was a deliberate and malicious attack. The man who did this was not going to stop until he did my husband damage. Please if you know anything contact Derbyshire Police asking for P.C. Stuart.”

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