“If you jump a red light you give all cyclists a bad name”

The TV ads for Scotland’s Nice Way Code road safety awareness campaign broke cover this morning and... well, see for yourself.

There are two ads. ‘Nice Way Code Name’ shows a rider running a red light, and then cuts to Monty Pythonesque gag, while 'Nice Way Code Think Horse' says you should treat a cyclists as you’d treat a horse.

Here, they are. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Nice Way Code Name

Nice Way Code Think Horse

The Nice Way Code campaign was announced last week, but will be officially launched today. The £500,000 campaign aims to improve road safety by asking road users to all just get along and be lovely to each other. 

Scottish cycling campaign group Pedal on Parliament was not impressed. According to Pedal on Parliament, research shows that the most effective means to reduce road deaths are changes to the road environment and lower speeds. Education campaigns, especially where not backed up by visible enforcement, do very little.

In response to the group's criticism, a Scottish government spokesman said: “Road safety is everyone’s responsibility and we make no apology for raising awareness of this issue or for seeking to improve behaviour."

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