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Tom Donhou’s ‘Experiments in Speed’ premiere at LMNH

Look Mum No Hands to host premiere of Tom Donhou’s 100mph speed attempt film this Thursday

Recently we reported on the news that Tom Donhou, he of Donhou Bicycles fame, was attempting to cycle through the 100mph barrier on his own handmade bicycle, which starred at Bespoked Bristol with its colossal 104t chainring.

We even showed you a trailer for the forthcoming film, titled ‘Experiments in Speed’, the full-length version of which premieres at London’s Look Mum No Hands this Thursday at 9pm. I for one am very excited to see this, the production values in the trailer are very high and add to the suspense of seeing if the Ford Zephyr pace car can keep ahead of a flying Donhou. And of course seeing if he smashes through the 100mph barrier.

Tom is fascinated by the glory days of speed record attempts during the 60s, and that spirit of adventure and the engineering challenge has clearly inspired him, as he has set off in pursuit of his own personal record. Tom has built a bicycle - without the aid of advanced computer software, wind tunnels and a team of engineers it should be noted - which he feels fits the brief.

"I built this with the intention to feel it out. I don’t know how fast it can go. [100mph is] my best guess as to what I can do. I built the bike how I thought it should look. No wind tunnels involved, it’s all grassroots. It’s done in that spirit of those guys in the 60s testing jet engines in their sheds."

You can find out how to get to Look Mum No Hands at their website.

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