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Bespoked Bristol reveal 2013 exhibitor list and to get you in the mood here's some 2012 highlights

A look ahead to the custom handmade bicycle show and a look back at some of our fave bikes from last year's show

One of roadcc's favourite bike shows (and not just because it's only down the road) is Bespoked Bristol is a little over a month away - this year's show runs from the 12 - 14th April in Brunel's Old Station at Bristol Temple Meads. Bespoked brings together a very fine collection of UK and worldwide frame builders. Names like Roberts, Condor, Swallow and some of the exciting younger builders like Feather, Donhour, Ted James, will be among the 80 exhibitors this year.

To whet your appetite we've got a full list of exhibitors below plus you can wallow in all last year's Bespoked loveliness by clicking this link to a page full of all of our stories and picture galleries from last year's show - including our Best of British gallery featuring this lovely mixte frame from Ted James.

It's fair to say that the market for handmade bicycles is strong and healthy, and as we've reported over the years there's a growing band of younger frame builders expressing their passion for cycling joining those builders who enjoy a long heritage of frame building.

Bespoked Bristol is THE place to see many of the hottest frame builders right now. So make sure you're free between 12-14 April and head on over to Brunel's Old Station, right next door to Bristol Temple Meads train station.

This year, as well as packing in more manufacturers than last year, they're attempting something quite bold: to build a custom bike during the course of the show. Organiser Phil Taylor explains: "We are going to build a bike from scratch, which will be made to fit one very lucky person. From the initial consultation and bike fit through tube selection, frame design, lug prep and carving, brazing, making forks and stems, checking alignment, choice of components and wheel building, some of the finest framebuilders and bike fitters in the world will be combining skills in this event." How much do you want to be that lucky person?!

Some highlights from last year

Pegoretti MXXXXXX (think that's enough Xs) art really does meet craft in the bikes from this Italian master frame builder

Roberts showed off their engineering ingenuity with this 4.7Kg steel race bike… that folds

Brian Rourke race bike with unpainted Reynolds 953 back end

Brian Rourke road frame with signature wrap around seat stay - for the first time executed in stainless steel

Donhou road bike with bi-laminate lugs

Rapha Continental Donhou - headbadge

Rapha Continental Donhou - full bike

Crisp Titanium road bike - Italian-based US frame builder

Legend HT9.5 Italian custom carbon

This year's show has something special to celebrate, the 100-year anniversary of stainless steel. Stainless steel, best expressed in Reynolds 953 and Columbus XcR, is one of the reasons that steel has been enjoying a resurgence of interest from cyclists. And it's also the material that a professional cycling team (Madison) is this year pinning their hopes on. Steel isn't dead, it's alive and kicking.

See for full details.

Here's the full list of exhibitors. Who are you most keen to see?

    13th Floor Distribution
    14 Bike Co
    18 Bikes Ltd
    Bike Science
    Brian Rourke
    Brick Lane Bikes
    Brooks England
    BTR Fabrications
    Campagnolo - Chicken Kit
    Chicken Cycle Kit
    COFA Engineering
    Condor Cycles
    Demon Frameworks
    DMO Frameworks
    Donhou Bicycles
    Downland Cycles Ltd
    Dynamo Works
    Enigma Titanium
    Era Cycles
    Faggin Bikes
    Feather Cycles
    Field Cycles
    Firefly - Velo Cafe Magasin
    Flat Frame Systems Ltd
    Geek House
    Guru - Cyclefit
    Hobo Cycles
    (iL) Soigneur
    Independant Fabrications
    - Mosquito + Velo Cafe Magasin
    Just Riding Along
    Libertine Bicycles
    Loop Wheels
    Made in England
    Manchester Custom Cycles
    Mawis Bikes
    Merényi Bicycles
    Middleburn Cycle Components
    Moulton Bicycle Company
    Nagasawa - Tokyo Fixed
    Oak Cycles
    Oyster Bikes
    Parlee - Velo Cafe Magasin
    Passoni - Cyclefit
    Paul Component Engineering
    Paul Hewitt Cycles Ltd
    Paulus Quiros
    Pegoretti - Mosquito
    Peter’s Bikes
    Racer Rosa Bicycles
    Renwick Bicycles
    Reynolds Technology
    Roberts Cycles
    Rock n Road Cycles
    Royce UK Ltd
    Rusby Cycles
    Saffron Frameworks
    Sapim - Chicken Cycle Kit
    Serotta - Cyclefit
    Seven Cycles – Cyclefit
    Shand Cycles
    Shutt Velo Rapide
    Slate Cycles
    Strada Wheels Ltd
    Sven Cycles
    Sword Cycles
    Teague Bicycles
    Ted James Design
    The Bicycle Academy
    The Footdown
    Titchmarsh Cycles
    Tokyo Fixed
    Tonic Fabrication - Tokyo Fixed
    Trykit Conversions Ltd
    Velo Cafe Magasin
    Villiers Velo
    Winter Bicycles
    Zamboo Bikes
    Zullo - Mosquito

We're going to be there in force and hope to see you there too and we'll be featuring lots more news about the show in the coming weeks.


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