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Carradice offering waxed Tweed Limited Editions at Excel

There's only enough Harris Tweed for 16 Barley saddlebags and 10 Alston pouches and they're all sewn, numbered and signed by Carradice's ace machinist Mary

Carradice the Lancashire-based bag makers are going to the London Bike Show at Excel on Thursday. They're on Stand LB302 and we mention it because you'll be wanting to rush there for some Limited Edition bags they've made for the show.

This evening they sent pictures of dare we say beautiful honey leather-trimmed saddlebags and seat packs they've made to their usual Barley and Alston designs but cut from a special beeswax-proofed Harris Tweed that is only available in very tiny amounts. The upshot is that they're bringing only 16 or the former and 10 of the latter to the show and they've all been numbered and signed by their Mary who cut and sewed them all.

David 'Mr Carradice' Chadwick was still punching his calculator as we typed this but he reckons it's going to be "triple figures" for the Barleys and around £45 for the Alston seat pouches in this "never to be repeated run" and which we reckon in turn is going to be sorely tempting. And even if you don't buy a Tweed Limited Edition, he's promised "lots of sweets" while you admire their regular range of waterproof cotton duck bike bags of all kinds.



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Gkam84 | 12 years ago

Jebus, if they are that limited, which i know certain tweeds can be, i would have thought the Alston's would have been into triple figures aswell, with the number of people who like that kind of thing, sky rocket the prices yourselves and make sure only genuine people get ahold of them, rather then people rushing there, grabbing one of each and rushing home to ebay  19

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