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'London Brompton' to be showcased at Bike Show on Thursday

Only 500 of the 'Luv it nuff said' specially decorated and specced small-wheel folders will be made.

London folding bike specialists Brompton have sneak peeked a Special Edition for the forthcoming London Bike Show coming up in only 36 hours. There will only be 500 of the black London Bromptons made and apart from unique graphics designed and installed by Clerkenwell artist Vic Lee, each bike will come with a signed print by the artist as well as some unique parts including the flap for Brompton's unique front bag featuring the same London-inspired design, black mudguards and a Brooks leather saddle and matching grips.

Vic Lee is the very same artist who hand painted two Brompton prize bikes won by the Rachael Elliot and Michael Hutchinson, the Brompton World Champions at Blenheim back in the summer and he's obviously developed a taste for the work because 500 of these beauties will be more of a challenge.

According to Vic Lee, "I initially worked with Brompton on a one-off, hand-drawn design for the prize bikes for the 2011 Brompton World Championship. These got a lot of attention so we started to investigate if there was any way we could do something similar on slightly large scale. I have been creating this style of London-inspired schemes for a couple of years now; it is great to see this translated into the London Brompton."

Brompton’s Sales and Marketing Director, Emerson Roberts says, "In a year when the world’s eyes will be turned on London, we wanted to come up with something really special to celebrate the personality of this great city. We’ve been fans of Vic’s work for a while and he was the obvious choice for this limited run of London Bromptons. Vic lives and breathes this city and that was important to us as it’s where every Brompton is made and assembled.

“The final result looks fantastic, and it was no surprise to me that every one of the 500 was snapped up by our trade customers within two days of the factory reopening last week; consumers wishing to buy a London Brompton will have to be very quick."

And they have to come up with £1,475 which reflects the extra work and Brooks saddle. Otherwise at Excel Brompton will be showing off a new 'H' format handlebar "along with a number of other developments ." 



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Michael5 | 12 years ago

Its a poor do when 'special edition' just means 'different paint job'.

Stedmonkey | 12 years ago

Are they just stickers or decals that have been lacquered over ?? - either way you can see the edges...

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