You can't beat an attention-grabbing £199.99 price tag

Halfords are wheeling out the venerable Viking 'racing since 1908' brand name on a sub-£200 fixie called Racemaster.

The look is classic with white contrast panels against a sky-blue painted steel frame. Fixie purists will be offended by brake cable braze-ons to the top top tube but it comes with a pair of sidepulls anyway and at least the stops are tucked underneath if you insist on dispensing with the rear brake.

We're not sure at the moment whether the rear sprocket supplied is fixed or free - the latter we suspect making it strictly a 'singlespeed' - but the hub is double-sided so you could run both or two different ratios.

There are only two size options; 56cm and 59cm and a limited number of 17 Halfords branches stocking, essentially the urban and suburban London stores plus two in Manchester and Brislington in Bristol. Plus Cambridge for pretty obvious reasons. Oxford will be seething they're not getting their own shade of blue or indeed the bike at all.  

Details: halfords.com.