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Lap the Lough: Northern Ireland correspondent sought

We've got a free place if you fancy taking some snaps and writing a report.....

The sixth annual Lap the Lough sportive will be taking place on Sunday 28 August: it's an 81-mile lap of Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland, the largest lake in the British Isles. While it's not quite on the scale of Sweden's 18,000 participant, 300km Vätternrundan, Lap the Lough will be 2,000 strong this year, so it's one of the UK's biggest sportives.

The nice chaps from the ride asked us if we wanted to come along and do the ride. And while we certainly would, we'll be packing our bags ready to fly out to the Eurobike show at pants o'clock on the Monday, so it's not really do-able. So we're looking for someone to go for us. Fancy it?

Basically, we've got a free place and we're looking to get a ride report. So if you're a) within striking distance of Maghery Country Park on the southern shores of the Lough and b) happy to take a camera and write up your experiences of the ride afterwards then we'd like to hear from you. Just email write [at] and explain in your floweriest prose why it should be you.

If you've no intention of writing anything but still like the sound of the ride, head to for all the info you need. Entry is £30 and includes a free tee and cycling cap plus all the usual stuff you'd expect at a big sportive: timing, feed stops, event village, motorbike marshalls, the works.

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