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Outlier launch Merino wool hoodie

Hug a hoodie? You might if they were wearing Merino… maybe

On what's turning in to Fashion Friday here at hot on the heel of Rapha's Swift jersey comes this natty number from Outlier – a Merino wool hoodie.

Got to say that I'm loving the concept, one of my main gripes we hear with a lot of the nice wool around is that they are all short sleeved which makes it both unsuitable for cool weather use – when you would really feel the benefit of a woolen jersey or for off the bike wear.

Outlier's Merino hoodie seems to tick all those boxes, and given the minimal slim cut by the looks of it you could probably wear it as a jersey for round-town use when it's warmer. Either way, Outlier haven't reckon it's a good enough idea not to bother waiting for the colder weather and are releasing it now.

“Straight up, Merino is the best hoodie material around. It's got a beautiful soft handfeel and keeps you snug and warm when you are hanging out. But when you get active it wicks sweat away from your body keeping you cool and dry. Antimicrobial too so it never stinks the way cotton or polyester does,” says Outlier's Tyler Clemens.

The OUTLIER Merino Hoodie is a slim cut affair with long raglan sleeves to give a full range of motion when riding and with an extended to keep you covered. The large three panel hood can be worn over a helmet. The fabric is 95% superfine Merino wool, with a small amount of nylon mixed in for added durability. Available in Black, Charcoal Gray, Rich Blue, Light Gray and Army Green. The Army Green is a slightly tougher Merino grade, slightly less soft, but also slightly more durable. Made in NYC. The Hoodie is a limited edition, 15 per colour.

All sound good, the only downer is that exclusivity comes at a price… at $225 (£152) online this is not a cheap hoodie.

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