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Just in: Viner Light Audax

Italian hand-built steel fast tourer with a retro look

Viner have just dropped off a couple of bikes for us to test, from their new C2W range. C2W is, of course, Cycle 2 Work and the bikes are designed to appeal to people buying bikes through a cycle-to-work scheme such as Cyclescheme. First up is the Light Audax, which retails at £1180. This is a bit of an issue, since the Government's rules for cycle to work schemes mean that only bikes up to £1000 are covered under their blanket Consumer Credit Licence. If you want to get one of these, your company will need its own CCL to cover the scheme.

more pics here...

So what do you get for your money? Well, you get an Italian built steel frame constructed by hand from Dedacciai COM12.5 tubing, and finished in a fetching metallic orange. The graphics are pretty understated for an Italian bike, giving it a look that's very classic. Hanging off this frame is a mix of gear, with the uniting factor being its Italian origin. So it's Dedacciai for the fork, stem, bars and 'post, Selle Italia for the saddle, Miche for the wheels, chainset, and brakes and Campag Veloce STI and mechs.

The bike tips the scales at 9.45kg (20.8lb) which is respectable rather than good for a £1200 machine although the steel frame probably adds the best part of a pound over Aluminium. Geared for long rides, the Light Audax sports a Miche Race compact 50/34 chainset running on outboard bearings and a nice wide cassette for the climbs too.

And how does it ride? well, we'll let you know - so far it's only been as far as the park for a photoshoot. But stay tuned for a full report soon.

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