So what does the Budget do to boost to cycling?

Not much, at least directly…

Alistair Darling’s budget reveals increased fuel duty and incentives for drivers to scrap old cars in favour of new less-polluting models but what will it mean for cyclists?

Fuel duty will increase by 2p per litre from September and then by 1p per litre above inflation each April for the next four years which could well force even more drivers to consider pedal power, bolstering sales of bicycles, which are already reported to have seen a recession-related boost.

There will also be a "car scrappage" scheme under which people trading in cars older than 10 years for new ones will get £2,000 to boost the ailing motor industry.

But while £2,000 would make a reasonable-sized dent in the price of a new car, it would go far further if you were spending it on a bike! Here's a novel idea. Why not divert some of that cash to already popular cycle to work schemes to make new bikes for commuters even cheaper.

See the BBC’s full budget report here

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