NYPD officer (wrongly) insists cyclists must always stick to bike lane; here's why they shouldn't...

It’s fair to say that 'LOL' is among the more overused TLAs – sorry, three letter acronyms – thrown about on the internet. But a video posted to YouTube by a New York City cyclist fined for not riding in the bike lane does provide some truly ‘laughing out loud’ moments as he uses slapstick humour to reinforce the point he made to the NYPD officer ticketing him that the bike lane isn’t always the safest place to be.

Not that the officer was having any of it – he went ahead and issued the summons, telling the cyclist, Casey Neistat, that he faced a fine of anywhere between $10 and $130, despite the rider pointing out that the driver of a nearby vehicle parked in a bus lane wasn’t being given similar treatment.

As it turned out, he was fined $50 despite the minor detail that not riding in a bike lane isn’t actually against the law in the first place. Casey seemed to accept his fate with good humour while being ticketed, with the police officer adopting an ‘I’m just doing my job’ style of approach while telling him he always needed to use the bike lane. But you can see why there's often tension between New York’s finest and the city’s cyclists.

It’s after the ticket is issued that the real fun starts, however, with Casey putting himself in a variety of situations where he comes off his bike after encountering obstacles on the bike lane. We wouldn’t be surprised if he suffered a bit of road rash while making his point, not to mention coming uncomfortably close to whacking his head on the odd bit of street furniture.


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