Our esteemed editor joins other cycling industry luminaries for a chat about the pressing issues of the day

If you've got an hour to spare then why not head over to the Spokesmen website and have a listen to the latest issue of the Spokesmen podcast. On the show you'll find Cartlon Reid of Bikebiz, ipayroadtax.com and quickrelease.tv fame, top US cycling journalist Neil Browne, cycling lawyer Jim Moss, Nicole Formosa from BRAIN, the US bike industry mag... and our own Tony Farrelly.

The show was recorded on Sunday 15 May and covers a pretty diverse range of topics, including the Giro and the death of Wouter Weylandt, Lance Armstrong vs Floyd Landis vs the UCI, The Tour of California, The attack on the Etape Caledonia, favourite cycling apps, and cake, coffee and cycling. It's certainly a very interesting listen and a good way to ease yourself into a Wednesday.

The show's available on the website and it's also available on iTunes and via download - happy listening!

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