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Cycling on the up as fuel-price increase bites

Cycle commuters could reap benefits of fewer peak time car journeys

The British are nothing if not pragmatic and as fuel prices hit unprecedented levels – with the £6 gallon looming – we are looking for ways to ease the pain.

Unsurprisingly some motorists have turned to pedal power to mitigate the effects of the VAT and fuel duty rise and according to Halfords, up to 660,000 people have started cycling on some journeys for which they used to use the car.

The automotive, leisure and cycling products retailer says that in a survey of 1,120 motorists, 2% said they have integrated cycling into their travel routine where previously it was absent.

Parents who do the school run are also looking to pool their automotive resources and fewer cars on the roads at peak times can only be good news for cyclists commuting to and from work.

According to the survey, 44% of parents say they are talking to friends about sharing the school run and travelling to out-of-school activities.

Halfords’ survey revealed that over three quarters of those questioned, 78%, plan to drive less, with daily short trips to local shops the biggest casualty of the attempt to save on transport costs. Instead people plan to be more organised and stock up just once a week in one “big” shop at larger supermarkets.

Half of those surveyed said they are looking for ways to cut back on mileage, such as car-sharing and walking or cycling on short journeys.

Perhaps as a regular commuting cyclist you have already noticed the difference on the roads, maybe enjoying the benefits of seeing fewer vehicles clogging up the areas around schools in particular. If so, log in and leave a comment below.

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