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Trans-America charity ride crash victim tries again

Cancer survivor determined to complete challenge

Central TV have broadcast a report about cyclist James Golding who is, you might say, perseverance personified.

James, from Rugby, was a cancer patient who survived the disease after treatment for an 11cm tumour that had developed between his spine, kidney and bowel.

To raise money for other cancer sufferers he undertook a trans-America charity cycle ride but as we reported last year, that trip itself almost ended in tragedy when he and his fellow rider were struck by a lorry while riding through Louisiana.

While his companion came off worst with multiple fractures, James suffered broken ribs, needed stitches and lost a large amount of skin in the crash which, not surprisingly, also destroyed his bike.

But undaunted and just six months after the crash that could have killed him, he is going back to start the journey from Los Angeles to Miami all over again. As for his motivation he says:

“When you set yourself a goal there are times that we get knocked back and times we don’t get there first time round. I’ve told people they need to focus on what they want to achieve and keep going no matter what, and that’s what I’m doing.”

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