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A video nasty in Croydon as urban cyclist is taken down

Helmet cam footage captures classic car-cyclist collision

Many of us will have been there, minding our own business making good progress up the inside of stop-start urban traffic when a right-turning, oncoming vehicle cuts across our path.

Usually one or other party has time and space to take evasive action but not always. The result, in such cases, is often your classic bike's front wheel into car’s nearside front wing collision.

Rarely though, if ever, has this sadly all-too-common accident been captured on video from a rider’s eye view. Unfortunately for him, Gareth Williams a blogger and tweeter who also goes by the moniker @cyclegaz, has done just that and he has posted the resulting footage for all to see.

Gareth describes himself as “a helmet camera cyclist from South London” and on December 17 he shared with the world the hair-raising video footage from his commute in Croydon the previous day.

The clip graphically illustrates the dangers urban cyclists face when motorists fail to take account of the fact that buses and taxis are not the only machines that have right of way when using “bus” lanes.

Gareth let everyone know via Twitter that he suffered no broken bones or cuts in the collision although his front wheel took a pounding as did his back and arm.

You can check out Gareth’s urban cycling video blogs here.

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