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Oregon man pedalling Christmas trees to the masses

Niche business delivers yuletide flora by bike

The UK might be a bit of a stretch for him, but a Portland, Oregon man has set up a business delivering Christmas trees by bike.

Max Kirchoff, 29, describes himself as the Yule Dispatcher while his somewhat niche business is known as Trees by Bike.

"People love it. It is absolutely, always fun," Kirchoff, told Reuters. "It is a combination of physical pain and emotional connection when we deliver."

He says his helpers, or Riders of Yule as he calls them, will probably deliver around 200 trees this year, a healthy increase in the 40 dispatched in 2009.

"Our customers are a mix of people who support what we are doing, who like the idea of having a tree delivered by bike, and, some are families who just don't have time to go to the tree lot, and they can afford this service," Kirchoff said.

Trees from table top size up to 7ft tall are available at prices up to $50 of which 10% goes to a local charity.

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