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20 December 2019, 15:42
Lotto Jumbo annouce 2020 Tour 2019.

Well, there's nothing like being prepared.

If Lotto Jumbo can get these riders to the start line fit and ready, it'll be an incredible line-up.

20 December 2019, 15:36
Crap Tech innovations...or lack of.

Liam here. I'm throwing a nice general bike industry moan into the crap tech chat.

The last decade has seen so many annoying new standards, be that around the bottom bracket, at the hubs, or in the rim beds. I have a special hatred for BB30a.

It seems that the bike industry keeps making our lives more difficult. And they probably will for the next ten years so I can moan about this in 2029 too.

20 December 2019, 15:22
Suggestions please!

What's the worst bike thing of the last decade then? Answers here, on Twitter or on a postcard to help us write a round-up of 2010's rubbishness for your amusement. 

20 December 2019, 15:15
Flanders to get 22km long cycle path with smart lighting alongside motorway
Cycle path (CC licensed by C:Flickr)

The Brussels Times reports that the city of Mechelen and the municipality of Bonheiden have joined forces to install ‘smart lighting’ along a 22-kilometre bicycle path next to the N15 motorway in Flanders. It will be the first of its kind in Belgium and was born out of a survey from young people, who said the lighting would be a good idea for people travelling on the road to reach Mechelen city centre. The lights turn onto full beam automatically when they detect movement, and are dimmed when there is nobody on it. ​

The total cost of the project is said to be €242,000, most of which will be paid for by the Agency of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

20 December 2019, 14:54
Have Movistar canned Campagnolo? Team's Canyon bikes spotted with SRAM components

After switching from Endura to Ale for their kit, it looks like Movistar might be about to end another long-standing partnership after some of their team bikes were spotted with SRAM components. The bikes in the leaked pics also have Zipp wheels, whereas Movistar previously used rims from Campagnolo's Bora lineup. 

Though we're unaware off the exact source of these pictures, there was no Campagnolo parts on display during the Movistar team presentation yesterday, and on the Instagram post below it looks like efforts have been made to stay away from showing the bike's wheels and drivetrain... 

Once the dominant component supplier to pro teams, if this is confirmed then Campagnolo will only be featuring on the bikes of two World Tour teams in 2020, Lotto Soudal and UAE Team Emirates. 

20 December 2019, 13:47
RGT Cycling virtual training app launches

"Think Zwift, but different", RGT Cycling told us when sending over details of their virtual training platform, which has now officially launched after four years in development. We checked it out over a year ago when it was still known as Road Grand Tours, and now as well as the name shortening they've tweaked it and launched a subscription model that will cost £12.99 a month for the premium version, or totally free for the... well, free version.

RGT Cycling say they've done extensive work into rider's movements to make the virtual world as realistic as possible, with drafting and braking all taken into consideration. There are eight real roads for users to explore, including the Cap de Formentor and the Stelvio Pass, and there is also a 'Magic Roads' feature that converts GPX files into a virtual course, so you can pretty much ride any road in the world. 

There are also events, which users on the free subscription can also access, and you can also organise private races with friends. Both the 'Freemium' and Premium subscriptions are available now - you need to download the mobile app (available on iPhone and Android) to connect your devices and register, and the Screen App (for Windows, Mac, iPad and Apple TV) to give you the display - you can head over to the RGT Cycling website for more info. 

20 December 2019, 14:46
Drew Christensen is men's Zwift academy winner for 2019, bagging himself a pro contract with NTT Procycling
Drew Christensen (1)

The 18-year-old from New Zealand will join up with NTT Procycling's U23 team in 2020​, fending off challenges from three other finalists to be crowned this year's champ. 60,000 male riders entered the Zwift Academy competition in 2019, which begins online before the finalists are taken on a training camp to prove themselves on the road. He said:  “I entered Zwift Academy with an eye on a semi-final place, I can’t believe I have a pro contract! It will be great to ride on the team alongside Martin Lavrič and learn from his experience through the Zwift Academy and onto a pro team.”

Lavrič had his contract extended, which means there will be two Zwift Academy winners representing the NTT Continental Cycling Team for the first time in 2020. ​


20 December 2019, 13:33
Garish new Fat Lad at the Back jerseys certainly stand out

Not quite sure what Facebook is trying to tell me, but this sponsored post featuring the loud and proud new Bobby Dazzler jersey from everyone's favourite oversized cycling apparel brand Fat Lad at the Back has just popped up on the newsfeed. If you're digging the colours, you can pick one up for £64.99 on the FLATB website here

20 December 2019, 11:12
Driver with no licence who hit cyclist and fled the scene is banned from driving
Scottish Ambulance Service (CC licensed by Michel Curi via Flickr)

A Dunfermline man with no driving licence has been punished for seriously injuring a cyclist and fleeing the scene with... a nine month driving ban and a £300 fine, reports The Courier

Unemployed Lee Renwick hit the man in Dunfermline on March 1st, admitting at Dunfermline Sheriff Court that he drove a car carelessly, failed to keep a proper lookout, entered the carriageway when it was unsafe to do so and caused his vehicle to collide with a cyclist to his severe injury. He also admitted failing to stop, saying that he "panicked" before driving away. ​

The cyclist needed surgery to have a plate inserted into a broken wrist, and also required stitches on his chin. Sheriff James MacDonald said to Renwick: “You chose to drive away from the scene of an accident when a member of the public had been injured.

“You shouldn’t have been behind the wheel in the first place because you don’t have a licence.”

Renwick is now seemingly even more banned from the roads for the next nine months, after which time presumably he will be allowed to start learning to drive with a provisional licence if he chooses to do so. 

20 December 2019, 11:27
Liverpool to get £4 million unique cycle path on central reservation
princes avenue toxteth.PNG

The boulevard on Princes Avenue in the Toxteth area of the city is set to be transformed into a 1km long cycle path, a £4 million scheme that is set to be completed in the summer of 2020, reports The Liverpool Echo. It's part of Liverpool's wider Clean Air Plan after declaring a climate emergency recently, and the ctcle path with also form part of a 'green corridor' extension to Otterspool that is set to be delivered within the next year. ​

Councillor Sharon Connor said: “The Princes Avenue/Road scheme is a fantastic example of how our Better Roads programme is breathing new life into Liverpool’s communities.

“The feedback from the local community has been fantastic which will help give this scheme will have a real wow-factor. It’s going to revive the most beautiful boulevard in the city and transform how the wider Toxteth community interact and use this reimagined space.

“The new cycle path within the central reservation will also provide a unique experience for cyclists travelling to and from south of the city and is another example of how we are actively working to reduce the city’s carbon footprint, improve our air quality and encourage healthier lifestyles.”


20 December 2019, 10:47
Movistar's new Alé kit for 2020
movistar 2020 kit

Ending a long-standing partnership with Scottish innovators Endura, Movistar shown off their new kit from Alé at an official team presentation in Madrid for the first time. 

The kit is an evolution of Alé's PRR line, with a race-orientated an aerodynamic fit to the jerseys in the team's familiar blue colours. Alessia Piccolo of Alé's parent company APG commented: “For the Movistar Team we have developed numerous high-performing technical garments, which represent the highest expression of textile technology available to us today. The partnership with the team will be conducive to experimentation and the exchange of feedback. We want to be able to offer all enthusiasts of our products the benefits of a garment perfected for a team of this calibre”.

Meanwhile, Movistar have been getting into the festive spirit with this nice little video where team members give thanks to the people who gave them their first bikes... that's the gist of it anyway if you're not a Spanish speaker. 

20 December 2019, 09:35
"Makes my blood boil": people are up in arms about a cyclist filmed riding a bike while carrying child

It has emerged that certain corners of Britain's mainstream media with a certain political persuasion that we don't need to detail are very annoyed about the six second clip above, showing a man carrying a child whilst riding a bike. 

Terry Nichols on Facebook said: "What an irresponsible pillock. He should be prosecuted for dangerous riding and endangering the life of a minor" according to The Metro, and the Daily Mail observed how neither are wearing helmets and that it made one man's blood boil. 

Sustrans' Jon Usher told the seething tabloids that the man was indeed in the breach of the highway code, but advised against mandatory helmet use and suggested better infrastructure as a more sensible safety measure: "The Highway Code is clear that passengers must not be carried on a cycle, unless it has been specifically built or adapted to carry one - so family cycles, cargo cycles, or any cycle fitted with a child seat fit well within the law.

"We believe the best way to increase cycling safety would be to increase the amount of cycling infrastructure that is physically separated from motor traffic, as well as reducing the levels of traffic in residential areas."

What do you think, crime of the century? Let us know your thoughts in the comments as always... 

20 December 2019, 10:09
All I want for Christmas...
unnamed (7) the new cutting edge Hope/Lotus track bike, starting at £15,550 + VAT. It's just gone on sale today, read all about it here

20 December 2019, 09:49
Sorry we're a bit late...
Christmas-Party drunk

Last night was the annual Christmas bash, so we're feeling a little fragile...

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