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Live blog: Freeman lawyer loses attempt to have case thrown out; "Quaxing"; work starts on London's Cycleway 9; and a little bit of politics + more

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13 December 2019, 16:40
Fulcrum introduces Racing Zero Cmptzn DB wheelset
Fulcrum Racing Zero CMPTZN

Fulcrum has introduced a new lightweight aluminium wheelset to its Racing Zero range: the Cmptzn DB, for bikes with disc brakes.

"One of the strongest and most responsive wheels on the market has been improved thanks to the use of CULT bearings and the classic 2:1 spoke pattern with oversize double-butted aluminium parts," says Fulcrum.

The Italian brand says that the steel races of its CULT (Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology) bearings are extremely resistant to corrosion so they can be lubricated with a thin layer of oil instead of grease, and this helps to reduce friction.

The aluminium rims are 30mm deep and have a 19mm inner width. They're 2-Way Fit, meaning that you can use standard clincher tyres or run them tubeless thanks to the absence of holes in the rim bed. 

The straight-pull spokes are bladed aluminium, 21 per wheel (14 left, 7 right on the front wheel; 7 left, 14 right on the rear wheel)

There are no decals, the black-on-black reflective graphics being created with a surface treatment.

Fulcrum claims a wheelset weight of 1,570g – a saving of 20g over the existing Racing Zero DB wheelset (£899.99) with the brand's USB bearings.

If you've not twigged, Cmptzn is a vowel-less version of the Italian word 'competizione'.

The UK price is £1,299.99 (to be confirmed).

Get more info at

13 December 2019, 15:55
Haute Route launches new destination ... Brazil

This looks pretty special; one for the bucket list?

13 December 2019, 15:06
Deceuninck-Quick Step unveils new jersey for 2020

It's a bit 'meh' if you ask us ... but we'd better get used to it, we'll be seeing this kit crossing the line first in a lot of races next year.

13 December 2019, 14:49
HSBC UK National Cycling Centre (picture copyright British Cycling)
British Cycling to publish updated technical regulations

British Cycling will next month publish updated technical regulations operating across all its disciplines following consultation with stakeholders.

The governing body's head of legal, Jo Seed, said: “This has been an extensive process, which we are delighted to be close to finalising. We assess our technical regulations every year, but this year it was decided that a more comprehensive process was needed in order to ensure that the general regulations truly apply to all, and that the discipline-specific regulations are consistent and easily digestible.

“We have worked very closely with Scottish Cycling and Welsh Cycling to bring consistency across the technical regulations for all home nations, and to make sure that the technical regulations are in line with what our sport requires.

“This is by no means a wholesale change. Indeed, fundamentally, very few regulations have altered in their operation in practice. Further changes are in the pipeline for 2021 once invaluable input from the various commissions that have been newly appointed throughout this year has been obtained.”

The new regulations will take effect from 1 March next year, with the current 2019/20 cyclo-cross season subject to the existing ones.

13 December 2019, 12:49
Work finally starts on London's Cycleway 9

And the Conservative candidate in Brentord & Isleworth who made opposing the scheme a key part of her electoral campaign was soundly beaten as Labour's Ruth Cadbury - co-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group - retained her seat.

13 December 2019, 12:33
Does "the alcoholic type" count as an answer?

Asking for a friend, obvs.

What type of off-seasoner are you? Funniest answer in the comments wins some socks. Go.

13 December 2019, 12:12
Boris Johnson CS5.jpg
It seems the president of Kenya once forgot Boris Johnson's name ...

... so, thinking on his feet, Uhuri Kenyatta instead referred to him as the "bicycle guy."

Which is a lot kinder than some of the other nicknames we've heard for him over the past few days.

13 December 2019, 12:11
13 December 2019, 12:01
Win a Bespoked 2020 calendar!

It's nearly a new decade* so celebrate by winning yourself a nice new calendar to hang on your wall, featuring lovely hand-made bikes from the Bespoked show. Lob your details in the form below. UK only, sorry!

Or you could just pony up for one at

*depending on whether you're a pedant or not

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13 December 2019, 11:49
London cyclists at Hyde Park Corner (copyright
Cycling UK "alarmed" at Tories' lack of funding for cycling

Alex has covered the charity's response to the general election result here.  We'll never know how realistic Labour's pledge to spend £50 per person a year on active travel was ... but £1.55 a head is woeful.

13 December 2019, 11:32
Dr Richard Freeman (picture credit Team Sky)
Freeman lawyer loses attempt to have case thrown out

Mary O'Rourke QC,  the barrister defending former British Cycling and Team Sky doctor Richard Freeman at a medical tribunal that could result in him being struck off, has failed to have the four charges he denies thrown out.

Freeman has admitted 18 of the 22 charges against him but denies that testosterone patches delivered to British Cycling headquarters in 2011 were intended to help an athlete's performance.

After two days considering Freeman's application to have the four outstanding charges thrown out, tribunal chair Neil Dalton ruled he has a "case to answer for all outstanding matters," reports the BBC.

Freeman did not attend the tribunal today because he was too "unwell."

The hearing has now been adjourned as Dr Freeman is too "unwell" to attend on Friday.

O'Rourke said: "Dr Freeman is seeing his psychiatrist today so I'm not in position to get any instructions."

13 December 2019, 09:20
Yet more quaxing

We could do this all day.

Maybe we'll do this all day.

13 December 2019, 09:18
More quaxing

No, you're getting distracted by other things...

13 December 2019, 09:12

For those who don’t know, ‘to quax’ means to shop by means of walking, cycling or public transit.

The word comes from the spectacularly-named Dick Quax, who won a silver medal for New Zealand in the 5,000m at the 1976 Olympics and who later became a politician.

In January 2015, Quax tweeted his disbelief that anyone in the Western world would go shopping by means of "walking, cycling, or public transit."

13 December 2019, 09:10

Working on the principle that if you've found yourself on our live blog this morning, you're most likely making a conscious effort to avoid other news, let's start with something completely unrelated to the UK general election.

We'll probably mention it at some point though. It's kinda newsworthy.

Alex has written for more cricket publications than the rest of the team combined. Despite the apparent evidence of this picture, he doesn't especially like cake.

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