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Zwift launches new off-road training plans, gravel bikes and mountain bikes

Zwift off-road bikes have different rolling resistances and physics than the road bikes

Zwift has introduced two new training plans for off-road cyclists as well as additional gravel bikes and mountain bikes.

Zwift says that off-road cyclists already account for 10 per cent of its user base and the platform is looking to build on this.

Two new training plans have been added, geared towards the specific demands of off-road cycling.

How to get fit using structured training in Zwift

Previously, there had only been Gravel Grinder training plan, but users will now be able to try the entry-level ‘Pebble Pounder’ plan and the MTB-focused ‘Dirt Destroyer’ plan.

The latter will look to build mountain bike specific strengths, such as repeated surges far over threshold to increase anaerobic capacity and greater peak pedal torque to tackle climbs.

A more advanced ‘Singletrack Slayer’ training plan for cross-country cyclists will follow early next year.

A number of off-road bikes have been added to the Zwift Drop Shop too. These bikes have different rolling resistances and physics than road bikes, meaning each has its own pros and cons across the various terrains within the Zwift worlds.

The Canyon Grail, Inflite and Cervelo Aspero gravel bikes are fastest on gravel, moderate on road and slower off-road, while the Canyon Lux, Scott Spark and Specialized Epic mountain bikes are fastest off road, slower on gravel and slowest on the road.

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“We already have a strong user base of riders who spend most of their outdoor riding off-road,” said Zwift CEO and co-Founder, Eric Min. “This may not be a total surprise – indoor training isn’t just an effective training tool for road cyclists.

“However, this first coordinated move to cater for the audience is a significant step. For the first time, we will have dedicated training plans and bikes that suit the needs of off-road cyclists.”

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